P1 Lions Reflective Friday 2.10.20

Welcome to the Primary 1 Lion’s blog!

The Lion’s have had another great week in Primary 1! We have had lots of fun playing with our friends both inside the classroom and outside in the playground. Sorry there won’t be any lovely pictures on the blog this week but we will have lots to share with you next week.

Thank you with your support of only bringing in your child’s purple book bag to school this week, the cloakroom has been so much tidier and we can get access to our coats much easier.


  • This week we learned two more sounds: ‘r’ and ‘e’.
  • The P1s are becoming much more confident with blending sounds together to create words. It is so lovely to see their development.
  • In writing we did ‘this is me.’ We each had a photo of ourselves to help imagine a story. We could be anywhere we wanted as long as we drew ourselves. Some P1s told a story about going to the zoo, walking in a garden with pretty flowers, going to the moon, being on the sun. Lots of lovely ideas! We also have been continuing to practice making our drawings very detailed and taking out time to do them.
  • We also continued to talk about the ORT reading characters in preparation for starting reading next week. We have been trying to recognise their names and read them confidently.


  • This week we continued the SEAL maths programme which teaches children the foundation skills in maths. We practised counting forwards and backwards to 10 and beyond together, counting claps, recognising dice patterns and random dot patterns and counting in sequences. The children are already showing that they are retaining the knowledge they are learning, which is showing greatly in our small group time.
  • We also started our first non-number maths topic of 2D shapes. We looked at different types of shapes and their properties (corners/sides) and went on a shape hunt around the classroom. We then drew what we found and talked about the different types of shapes that are around us on a daily basis. For example – buses are rectangles.
  • The video below is also great for practising the skills we are currently learning in numeracy. Have a go at home and challenge someone in your family to have a go with you.

Other Areas

P1 has also been having lots of fun playing outside in the playground. In P.E we have been working on our fitness and throwing skills. This week we were practising throwing bean bags into hoops from a distance and working together as a team in our exciting races.

We have had lots of fun developing our social skills by playing with our peers in the classroom. We have lots of fun drawing pictures and making crafts, playing in the home corner and reading in the book corner. We also have lots of fun building castles and towers with the construction blocks. There is always lots of fun things to do in the classroom to support our learning and play.

Things to Try at Home

  • Practice reading the ORT character names on the blue sheet that was sent home on Tuesday. See if you can read them confidently.
  • Ask your child to give you X amount of various things. For example sticks, leaves, stones. Whatever you can find. This will help with our counting skills.
  • Practice using your ‘bunny ears’. Ask your child to show you a number on their fingers using the bunny ears method. They should practice holding up the number of fingers straight away without needing to count each finger. They then look at their fingers to check if they are correct. This is great for numeracy development.
  • Ask and adult to clap their hands so many times, can you count how many times they clapped? For an extra tricky challenge try clapping your hands at different speeds, for example 2 slow and 3 quick. Can your child count the number of claps?
  • Can you recognise dice patterns within different shapes?
  • Practice making words out of the sounds we have learned so far – ‘a’ ‘t’ ‘p’ ‘n’ ‘s’ ‘r’ ‘e’ and ‘i’ – for an extra challenge can you write and sound out the words you have made?

Happy Weekend!

  • I will be teaching the class Mon-Fri next week.
  • I look forward to meeting with you via the parents booking app for parents evening on Thursday night and Friday afternoon. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about your child’s learning and time in school.
  • P.E will be on Mondays and Thursdays – please come dressed and ready for P.E.
  • This was emailed home last week regarding reading in P1. Here is another copy in case you didn’t see it.

Thank you for your continued support with your child’s learning and time in school, it is greatly appreciated. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

From Miss McGillivray