P7H- 11.9.20

Reflective Friday – 11.9.20 – by Jessica, Eilidh G, Rebecca B, Tosia, Shahmir and Ruairi 


This week we have done a big writing assessment based of the black hole. We have made them with ideas from the black hole video on the literacy shed https://www.literacyshed.com/blackhole.html. We were not allowed any help from the teacher, but we could use thesauruses and dictionaries if we wanted for spelling and up levelling words. 

We have also done some Kensuke’s Kingdom work where everyone taken notes of descriptions on how the island looked in our heads, then we decided how it would be from a view from above the island drew it in our literacy jotters then later on in the week we went outside and using natural materials to recreate it. Have a look at some of our great islands! 

On Friday we had to do an assembly. To do this we used the time we had in between break and lunch on Wednesday. After this we had a run through it on Thursday and before the assembly on Friday. This went very well, and we all had a lot of fun doing this. 

Numeracy/ Maths 

This week in maths we have been adding decimals in chimney sums to help us with rounding decimals. 

On Tuesday we also practised rounding to the nearest 10,100,1000,10 00,100 000 and 100 000 000. Also on Friday we worked on many of our maths skills whilst doing our numeracy ninjas work sheets, where we had five minutes to complete three columns of questions and at the end depending on how many questions we questions we answered correct we would stay at the same ranking of belt or you can go up a belt. 


This week we made our own seismometer with paper, pen, and pencil when we finished making our own we shook the tables to see what magnitude it will give us.In PE we did stations of fitness with hoops. We had stations including squats, burpees and running. 

We were the first class to give a virtual assembly! We made a PowerPoint about our topic natural disasters and we updated the morning safety PowerPoint. We put it all in the assembly. We also included a Kahoot quiz at the end to see if everyone recognised the different areas in the school. Here is our PPT for our natural disasters.

What we enjoyed 

We have enjoyed doing the assembly, because we got to talk about our learning and redoing the safety PowerPoint. 

We enjoyed making our own Richter scale and seismometers the we put them on the wall. 

We also enjoyed writing our big writing pieces about a black hole and putting our own spin on it 

Next steps/home learning 

At home we could read some more books to help us with words to up-level our writing.  

At home we could research things about the layers of the Earth or some other natural disasters to help us in school.