P2/3 Golden Treasures Week beginning 7th September

Another super week of learning in the Golden Treasures class! We have settled into all of our routines really well now!

Important information: learning stories are being sent home with your child today. Please take the time to look at our plans for the term and your child’s targets. Please send purple folders back to school for Friday 18th. (Due to a lack of folders, the contents of the P3 learning stories are being sent home in poly-pockets. Please keep this copy at home, we have taken a photocopy for school which will be filed once the folders arrive).

Here’s what we’ve been learning this week.


  • P2s and P3s- continuing to revise our tricky words from Block 1 and 2- reading and spelling
  • P2s- revising ay/ai sounds
  • P3s- spelling words with initial consonant blends such as str and scr
  • Everyone has received their first reading book. Thanks for having these in school each day- this is really helpful. We have been reading aloud and having discussions in our groups
  • Reading- making predictions about our own reading books. Making predictions about our new class story Operation Night Monster by either drawing, writing or a combination of both
  • Writing- practising our cursive letter formation. We practise cursive writing throughout the school. At the moment we are continuing to work on our letter formation and are not joining our letters yet.

Ideas for home learning

  • Choosing one of the spelling activities below to help with the tricky words or to practise your sounds
  • Reading aloud to your child as much as you can and getting them to read to you if they can
  • Making a prediction about a story/tv show/film at home that you haven’t shared before based on the title and pictures
  • Practising handwriting together at home. We have attached a sheet to show how the letters are formed with a rhyme attached to each letter

Numeracy and Maths

  • saying numbers sequences forwards and backwards from a variety of starting points
  • practising our recognition of 2 digit numbers and being able to find them on a 100 square
  • thinking about place value and recognising tens and units in 2 digit numbers
  • practising number formation, particularly getting our numbers the right way around
  • practising number bonds to 10 and 20
  • practising addition skills using a variety of games and activities
  • reading and displaying information in charts. In our pictograms this week one picture stood for 2 items so we were also thinking about counting in 2s.

Ideas for home learning

Other Areas

  • Outdoor PE- fitness circuits and running- please remember to wear PE kit for school on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Starting our Roald Dahl topic: sketching in the style of Quentin Blake and finding out a bit of information about both Roald Dahl
  • Preparing our Learning Story targets and star steps, which are coming home today. Please return folders to school by 18th September (P3s you can keep yours as per note above)

Ideas for home learning

Continue to sketch in Quentin Blake’s style, below is a clip to help you draw The Twits


Have a great weekend!
Here are some pictures of our addition maths tasks this week.