P7H – 25.9.20

Reflective Friday –25.9.20 WilliamRebecca M, Alfie, Roni, Emily and Iggy P7H 


In spelling we did our P7 words after that we tried to find words that had they same spelling pattern like ou and ow 

We read ch5 of our class novel Kensuke’s kingdom and tried to find the different emotions and interfering Michael felt 

We were planning for our discursive essay on daleks staying in Buckstone or not to stay. We looked at ‘signpost words’ and what makes a good essay.  

Numeracy/ Maths-Iggy Emily  In maths this week we have been doing chimney sums with decimal points including adding and taking away. On Tuesday and Friday, we did numeracy ninjas most of us got blue belt or red belt. On Friday we did a morning challenge called count down, to play you must follow these rules, you get six numbers, with the six numbers you have to  make one big number.` 

IDL/other Alfie and Roni 

  • In topic this week we made volcanos out of newspaper and paper cuts/rolls. After we sculpted our volcanoes, we used a mixture of hot water and PVA glue to smooth it out. We also researched about Composite, shield and cinder cone volcanoes along with Pyroclastic flows.
  • We tried to figure out what type of trees are by using a guide in the P7 area.
  • In PE this week we played a new tactical game called Capture the flag. We got split into two teams and the goal was to bring the other team’s flag back to your side to win.

What we enjoyed 

  • We enjoyed making the volcanoes 
  •  We enjoyed planning for the discuses easy  
  •   We enjoyed numeracy ninjas 

Next steps/home learning 

You could practice your times tables 

You could practice some words you find hard                 

You could practice your decimal column sums