P7H – 18.9.20

Reflective Friday – Gregor, Lauren, Jack, Andrew, Sam and Charlie


In literacy this week we have been preparing a discursive essay. This essay is about Daleks moving into Buckstone, should they stay or leave?We looked at some more advanced words to use and looked at other Discursive essays. We also finished chapter 4 on Kensuke’s kingdom. Michael is still on the island and he has found an old man who looks like an orang-utan. We did some drama to help us imagine how Michael feels, we did role on the wall while others asked us questions. have a look at the pictures below. We also have done lots of fun morning challenges to get our brains working in the morning. [especially Monday mornings]

Numeracy/ Maths 

In maths we rounded decimals and significant digits, it challenged most of us. 4 or under rounds down and 5 and over rounds up, an example would be: 37567 rounded to the nearest 100 would be 37600 and rounded to 2 significant digits would be 38000. We used it to build a millionaire power point. We enjoyed building our PowerPoints. We were adding decimals up to 4 points. We all need to speed up and improve our accuracy.


This week we learnt about Tsunamis. We Made big cubes. And on each side, we did facts about tsunamis. We are going to make a mini wall of our topic work (natural disasters). We also learnt about volcanic eruptions and how the tectonic plates work. How volcanic eruptions work is the lava slowly rises. But when there is too much pressure the volcano erupts! 

Additionally, we did German and learnt about numbers up to 20 we played a few games of bingo using the German numbers, BINGO!  

Furthermore, in PE we were working on tactical games this week we played octopus. The rules are 2 people get put in the middle and when they say octopus. Everyone runs across trying not to get tug by the catchers! 

What we enjoyed 

We enjoyed doing P.E this week. In P.E we played a game called Sharks and Fishes. In the game there are 3 Sharks, and they are trying to catch the Fishes. You need to cross a part of the area and if you get caught you become seaweed, they can tig you, but they can’t move. The last 3 Fishes become the Sharks for the next game. This game was so much fun! This game also has a few different names.  We also had fun playing German bingo!  

Next steps/home learning 

  • Something we could do is find words that are good for our Discursive essay.  
  • Maybe if you spend money you can count it in German numbers to help remember them. 
  • We can make ourselves sums so we can practice adding decimals.