P1Tigers Reflective Friday 18th September



  • We have now shared all the memory boxes which have been brought into school. if your child has not yet brought theirs and would still like to do so, please send it to school as soon as possible.
  • We continue to introduce and reinforce some single sounds and have been using them to create and read words. This week’s letters were n and p, and we made the words pat, pan, nap, tan, tap an and at
  • We have started to create visual stories in our jotters – We visualised a situation, then recreated the image by drawing lots of detail. We used our pictures to  help us re-tell the story. This process helps us to develop some important pre-writing skills.


Home learning ideas:

  • Download this  Home Learning Template 18.9. On the sheet you will find the letters we have been learning this week along with a list of words to create. You can choose to print the sheet, or simply write out the letters of small pieces of paper. Use the letter cards to create simple words and ask your child to firstly, identify each sound, count how many sounds (phonemes) they hear, then blend or squish the sounds together into one word. Next, say a word which can be made using the letters. say it slowly and clearly – asking your child to identify the sounds they can hear before they ‘make’ the word with the cards
  • Here is a copy of P1 Reading – Information for parents which was emailed out earlier this week.
  • Go on a letter hunt. Look around you for places where you can see the letters p, a,  t or n.
  • Encourage your child to make their name in different ways: in the sand, with flour, play dough, etc.

Numeracy & Maths

  • We have been exploring numbers to 10 or 20 with matching activities.
  • We have been practising instantly making and recognising finger patterns. Doing it on our head ( the bunny ears game) makes it a bit tricky as we can’t see our fingers, we just have to feel the pattern.
  • We have been working on recognising numbers and dot patterns (to 10).
  • We have explored numbers to 10 (and beyond for some)
  • We have worked on sequencing numbers.
  • We have worked on counting forwards and backwards from different starting points.
  • We have been naming the next number in a forwards or backwards sequence
  • We are working on number formation. – this week’s numbers were 2, 5, 6 and 7
  • Counting and number recognition
  • We have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shape.


Home learning ideas


  • Play the bunny ears finger pattern game. Watch this video of a boy playing with his mum.
  • Number hunt: Ask your child to look for specific numbers in the street: buses, house numbers and ask your child to say the number that goes after and before that number.
  • Practice number formation of the numbers 0 to 10 (or more if your child is confident with this already)
  • Count items: ask your child to give an X number of things: leaves, stones, sticks.
  • You may choose to play this game. Please choose from sequencing or ordering (forwards) from 1- 10 or 1-20
  • Play Three for me, one for you . The adult says three numbers in a sequence, either forwards or backwards, the child says the next number in the sequence. e.g. 6,7,8………9  or 14,13, 12…….11. You can choose the level of challenge by staying within 10, or going up to 20.
  • Play this 2D shape game

Other areas of the curriculum:


PE – we have been continuing to practise the tricky skills of hopping and skipping. We also have been learning to play some games which help us to develop our speed, travelling, and listening skills.

On PE days the children should come dressed for outdoor PE, there is no need to bring a PE bag with a change of clothes. On these days, we would ask that the children wear trainers or similar for the playground and PE. It is really hard to hop when you are wearing wellies ! (Wellies are ideal on non-PE days though)



Outdoor learning: 

We discussed facial expressions and emotions and used natural materials to create some faces. Can you tell how these ‘people’ were feeling today ?

On Friday we were able to access our outdoor loose parts shed again. We had great fun developing a wide range of physical, co-operative, creative and investigative skills.



Independent learning:

These are some photos of the learning through play that we had the opportunity to experience this week:

Other things….

  • The children’s spare clothes are kept in the classroom in the cubby holes close to their shoes.
  • It would be really helpful if all your child’s items could be labelled (packed lunches and water bottles too)
  • Please be mindful when choosing a snack for your child: make sure your child can open it independently. We are also a nut-free school.
  • We politely ask that you give your child only water in their bottles.
  • We still have no claimants for the lost property items which we posted last week, please have another look to see if you recognise anything.

We are very proud of our Terrific Tigers!

Thank you for your continued support in your child’s learning.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro