P2/3 Golden Treasures Week Beginning 14th September

Another great week in the Golden Treasures class!

Learning stories- we hope you have enjoyed looking at the children’s termly plan, targets and star steps at home this week. P2 parents- if you haven’t already then please return the learning stories to school as soon as possible. Many thanks.

Almost everyone has been great at remembering their reading books each day- well done- this is so helpful!


Here’s what we’ve been learning this week.


  • P2s and P3s- continuing to revise our tricky words from Block 1 and 2- reading and spelling
  • P2s- revising ee/ea sound
  • P3s- spelling words with consonant sounds ng, nd and nk
  • Reading- redesigning the front cover of the story Operation Night Monster.
  • Reading- using our reading skills to find words with 3, 4 and 5 letters in them- we were amazing at this task!
  • Handwriting- practising our cursive letter formation. We are starting to work on curly caterpillar letters– so far we have practised c, a and o. We practise cursive writing throughout the school. At the moment we are continuing to work on our letter formation and are not joining our letters yet.
  • Writing- working on what makes a super sentence?

Ideas for home learning

  • Find words with your sound/spelling pattern in a book, magazine or newspaper
  • Create a new front cover for one of your favourite books: can you add information such as the title and author?
  • Practising handwriting together at home. We have attached a sheet to show how the letters are formed with a rhyme attached to each letter


Numeracy and Maths

  • saying numbers sequences forwards and backwards from a variety of starting points
  • saying the next three numbers in a sequence for example 20….21, 22, 23
  • ordering numbers from smallest to largest
  • counting in tens both forwards and backwards
  • developing our understanding of place value (hundreds) tens and units by playing games including Secret Number and by using coins (£1, 10ps and 1ps) to pay for items
  • reading and displaying information in charts: using tallies to record totals and displaying information in a pictogram.

Ideas for home learning

Other Areas

  • Outdoor PE- fitness circuits and running- please remember to wear PE kit for school on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Starting our learning about sound in science. We took this learning outside and worked with a partner to hear as many sounds as possible all around us.
  • Before we started our new sound topic we thought about what sound is and here are our ideas…

What is sound?

Angus “something you hear.”

Sophie “something you can sound out.”

Ben “something you can record!”

Meg “a wave through your ear.”

Andrey “something someone says to you.”

Spencer “a voice box like Bumblebee from Transformers that can speak.”

Megan “when someone shouts in your ear.”

Ruari “when you talk it makes sound.”

Samuel “comes out of your lungs.”

Callum “you can make sounds yourself, bees can make sounds too.”

Daniel “sounds can reach the Isle of Skye in half an hour!”

  • Designing front covers for our Roald Dahl booklets. Learning a little more about Roald Dahl.

Ideas for home learning

  • How many different sounds can you hear around your own home/outside? Write, draw or even record them.
  • Teach an adult how to do the 5 different fitness stations we have worked on- can you remember them all?

Here are some photos of our learning in class this week.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham