P1 Lions Reflective Friday 11.9.20

Welcome to the Primary 1 Lion’s blog!

The Lion’s have had another great week in Primary 1! We have had lots of fun playing with our friends both inside the classroom and outside in the playground. Please ensure that all children have a waterproof jacket, so we can go outside to play in all weathers.


This week we learned our first two sounds! ‘a’ and ‘t’

We talked about words which we knew that began with the sounds and practised writing the letters. We also learned the jolly phonics songs for both sounds and had lots of fun singing them together. You could practice the songs and actions at home with your child!


This week we started the SEAL maths programme which teaches children the foundation skills in maths. We practised counting forwards and backwards to 10 and beyond together, counting out collections and trying to show finger patterns without counting/looking at our hands. These are all things you could practice at home.

We also have been practising writing numbers with the help of our number animal friends. Each number has a story which helps the children to remember what the number looks like. This week we learned about Greedy Zero the Gorilla, Penguin One, Ticklish Two the Swan, Butterfly Three, Feathery Four the Bird and Frisky Five the Kangaroo. The children have loved learning how to write the numbers with the help of the animals!

Other Areas

P1 has also been having lots of fun playing outside in the playground. In P.E we practised listening to instructions by playing games, getting into groups of a particular number and working on our spatial awareness when running around the playground. We also worked on our fitness by warming up and doing a mini fitness routine together.

This week we also did a mini topic all about friendship! We learned why it is important to be a good friend, how we can be a good friend and how we can be kind to people in our class. We also learned about why it is important to have kind hands whilst at school and at home. With a partner we traced our hands and decorated them with lots of lovely feathers and pompoms. This is to remind us that are hands are to be kind to everyone around us. Here are our kind hands.

In outdoor learning this week our art focus was to create a picture using natural resources found in the playground with a partner. Lots of the pairs decided to make a fire, which many of us pretended to roast marshmallows on and warm are hands on. Some pairs also decided to make types of food such as a Pizza. The P1s had lots of fun working with a new friend. In relation to our friendship topic, we also played a fun and exciting pretending/challenge game. Each child was given either an orange or green piece of paper. Each new challenge we had to find someone who had the opposite colour of card to work with. For each challenge the pair had to decide and imagine how they would overcome it. Some of the challenges were, crossing a river, climbing a really tall tree, cooking their favourite food and creating a silly dance. We had lots of fun playing this game!

We have had lots of fun developing our social skills by playing with our peers in the classroom. We have lots of fun drawing pictures and making crafts, playing in the home corner and reading in the book corner. We also have lots of fun building castles and towers with the construction blocks. There is always lots of fun things to do in the classroom to support our learning and play.

Things to Try at Home

We would love it if the P1s could continue to practice their independence skills. These have improved greatly over the week but could still be quicker and smoother. Try and practice: Changing shoes (fastening buckles and Velcro themselves, making sure they are on the right foot), putting on, zipping up jackets (and turning sleeves the correct way round), opening snacks themselves and tidying up after play.

Ask your child to give you X amount of various things. For example sticks, leaves, stones. Whatever you can find. This will help with our counting skills.

Practice recognising their name and practice writing their name with playdough, sand and other natural materials you can find. They could also use these materials to practice writing numbers.

P1 Lion’s Favourite Things of the Week!

“I enjoyed playing outside during P.E.” – Barney

“I enjoyed playing with the bricks. I built a big castle.” – Islay C

“I enjoyed drawing at the craft table.” – Abigail

“I enjoyed learning and playing with the numicon with Barney and Joe.” – Jack

“I enjoyed playing in the house corner.” – Chloe

Happy Weekend!

You should now be able to view your child’s learning targets on the E-Journals, if you are having any problems with this please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Next week Ms Leach will be teaching the class on Monday.

P.E will be on Mondays and Thursdays – please come dressed and ready for P.E.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

From Miss McGillivray