P4W Wonderful Woodland 11 September 2020

Hello everyone!

It has been another busy week of learning in P4W.

We have been developing skills across the curriculum.



We are developing our reading skills and have a ‘home’ reading book to share. This should be brought back into school, ready for the reading team’s next meeting.

We are becoming Reading Detectives as we continue to read our class novel ‘Ottoline and the Yellow Cat’.  We are looking for clues in the text, making connections as we read and deciding which information is important and what might be misleading.

We are finding information about the characters and asking questions.

Giving our opinion on a text and discussing a variety of texts with a partner and in a team.

Developing our writing skills, using adjectives to describe nouns.

Developing our knowledge of speech marks in a text.

Developing our joined up cursive handwriting.



Adding an ‘ing’ suffix-‘ drop the e’ before adding ‘ing’.

FANTASTIC– liking  sharing  driving  using   giving  leaving  having  writing

SPECTACULARexcluding  requiring  refusing  hoping changing  managing  exciting fascinating

Tricky words- would  could  should  people  water

Ideas for home learning – write the words using different coloured pens- create a rainbow of ‘ing’ words.



Reading 4- digit numbers.

Identifying and explaining the values of each digit in a 4 – digit number.

Explaining the job of a zero in a four digit number.

Identifying odd and even numbers.

Using > and < symbols to compare numbers and create mathematical sentences.

Ideas for home learning – choose 4 digits from a family member’s phone number. Make as many numbers as you can using the four digits. Extra Challenge- working systematically, put the numbers in order from smallest to largest.

Developing our data handling skills- pictograms.

Recalling number facts quickly and accurately.

Explaining our strategies for making addition calculations.

Recalling doubles quickly and accurately.

Developing our knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Doubling 2-digit numbers.

Ideas for home learning-


Work on developing these skills- doubling, number bonds and 2, 5 and ten times tables.


Health and Wellbeing

We are exploring strategies to help us become more resilient.

Developing our fitness, listening and quick thinking skills.

Developing our co-ordination, rhythm and sequencing skills.

Social Skills

We are learning how to listen carefully- what this looks like and sounds like.

Being a supportive learning partner and team member.



Developing our drawing skills.

Developing our design skills.

Exploring different rhythms.

Developing our mapping skills.


Have a lovely weekend!