P3MB Friday 11.9.20

Hello everyone

This week we have been learning:


We have been sequencing and ordering numbers to 20, to 100 and some of us have been ordering larger numbers.

In mental maths we have been partitioning numbers, thinking about adding ten more and ten less.

We continued to practise counting in 4s.

Some comments from the children:

‘I’ve learned to count in 3s using the songs on the Smartboard’.

‘I’ve used the posters in the classroom to help me count in 10s.’

‘Number games help me to count in 4s’.


In reading we have been learning to make predictions about what might happen next using our reading books.

We were thinking about using full stops and capital letters correctly and wrote sentences of our own to practise this.

We had a Big Writing assessment where we wrote a personal piece about something we had done after school or at the weekend.

A comment from a member of the class:

‘Morning challenges help me learn my spelling words’.


We talked about targets for literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing for Term One and wrote our individual star steps.


We continued to work on our fitness and recorded our times on Tuesday and Thursday, trying to beat our own scores.


We practised saying the numbers 1-13 in French and played some games outside to help us learn.

Dear parents

We are trying to assess your child’s reading level so that we can give them a suitable reading book. Although we have information from your child’s previous teacher this may be out of date as the children have missed a whole term of school. Please bear with us as we get to know your child and their reading level. We may mix up groups and try your child on different stages of books.

PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All PE for the foreseeable future will be outdoors. The children are encouraged to come to school on these days dressed in clothing which is suitable for physical outdoor activity.

Have a lovely weekend.