P4H 11.09.20

Another busy week in P4H developing learning skills in a variety of ways.

The children have brought their learning story home for you to look at with the plans and targets for the term to be returned next week..The children chose their own targets

Reading There may be some movement in groups and stages over the coming weeks as I continue to assess where each child is , since the school closures in March. This also means that they have not been given a specific reading day. Hopefully we will get into a regular pattern very soon. Thank you for your cooperation. It would be handy to use the purple reading bags from P3 if possible.

Ms Hastie

Today’s Blog has been written collaboratively…….

Spelling This week we were learning how to add ing where the verb ends in an e

Super/Fantastic Liking, sharing, driving,using,giving,leaving,writing,coming,choking

Spectacular excluding, requiring,refusing,hoping, managing, noticing,exciting, fascinating , judging

Tricky words people ,water

VCOP Openers are at the beginning of sentences and make them more interesting to read.

We are trying to get better at listening and we discussed ideas in learning partners and shoulder partners and listened to each others ideas..

Handwriting We practised cursive joins of letters

The Hodgeheg was our class novel, but we have finished it. We reviewed it by giving our opinion about the characters and the setting.

Our new novel is The Box, the Mole , the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. We have been sharing ideas and reflections using it.

Home learning ideas .

Handwriting practice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQ6uS8blwY


We continued to work on place value focusing on partitioning 4 digit numbers and converting them in words/ digits

We ordered lists of numbers from smallest to highest eg 63, 234, 765,435,209

We had to calculate numbers before and after and found this very tricky eg 20 after 650 , 40 before 480

We made a line graph using information from Skipper’s Up and Down Day

Home learning ideas. Make up a list of numbers and put them in order

Practice writing numbers in words and spelling them correctly. Spot numbers around your house and try reading them and converting them into words or digits.


Other areas

Music We were exploring rhythm and used our hands to clap with the music. then we made up our our own.

We have been using different media to draw. We designed hedgehog houses with chalk outside.

PE We played team games and developed ball skills. We were practicing dodging and also working together as a team. We have also been working on sportsmanship and the importance or sticking to rules.

The weather has also played a part especially in Outdoor Learning. We looked at leaves and tried to identify some of them but it was very windy.

Today we had a special outdoor learning time using the loose parts in the shed. More on this next week! It was awesome!

Have a lovely weekend !

from P4