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P5W learning this week 18.01.19

Happy New Year!

P5HW have had a very productive week. It has been a great start to 2019 learning new skills and reflecting and building on skills.

We have enjoyed discovering facts about Mary Queen of Scots , learning what makes a good story ,using speech marks, spelling words with -tion, starting new novels in Literacy circles, developing gymnastic skills, learning about Time , consolidating subtraction and revising tables from 1-9,

Today’s post is a selection of our reflections.


To help with tables …

Enjoy the weekend!

P5’s Learning this week 7.12.18

Here are a variety of reflection sheets highlighting what the children have been learning this week.

We have been very busy amidst the Christmas countdown!



Watch out for Learning Stories which will also be coming home during the course of the coming week!

18 sleeps to go …apparently!


P5’s Learning this week

It has been a very busy week of learning  and we have used a hige number of skills .

In literacy we wrote reports about the Rainforest and our Assembly.

In numeracy we were subtracting using “grouping”  or “borrowing” .Youcan see how to do  it here .

To celebrate St Andrew’s Day we discussed his life and why he is our ptrom Saint . We managed to learn the orcadian Strip the Willow and took part in a cweilidh with P4

As part of enterprise we all made fantastic wooden Christmas star decorations to sell at the Christmas Fair.

To help decorate the scvhool we created a fabulous Christmas tree ,each making a bauble.

We also went to the Pantomime which we thoroughly enjoyed.

It has been a fun packed week of learning!


P5HW learning this week 9/11/18

Today’s reflective week was written together .


We have begun a topic on Money.

We are learning different addition strategies in numeracy including column addition and in mental maths we have been using empty number lines.



In literacy this week we have continued to look at similes and metaphors and how they are different from each other.

We are also really enjoying our class novel The Explorer.

In Literacy Circles we shared our learning on our new books in our groups.


In Mandarin we made a booklet about Chinese numbers.  It was lots of fun!  We were counting beyond 10.

Topic – The Rainforest

We have been continuing with our fact files about animals in tropical Rainforests.  We drew some of the animals we have researched and we are also working on presenting the Rainforest as part of our Assembly.


We have been practising out assembly on Broomlee and the Rainforests. We been learning how to work together cooperatively and share our learning in an interesting and informative way.

It is all coming together nicely. Please find the link to our Rainforest song below:

Have a lovely weekend!

Greetings from Broomlee

Here are some pictures showing what we have been up to. The activities include pole climb, nightlife, problem solving, tree climb, catwalk and archery. Everyone has been a star and we have all had a great time.We are looking forward to a good night of sleep.

P5HW learning this week 5/10/18

Today’s reflective week was written together .


We have started to work on compass points. We linked it to our work on angles.

In number work we did word problems which were very tricky.

Ideas of tables, ideas to practise at home will follow!


Here is what we did in spelling this week.

Tricky words so far are should, could , would, world, word, where, were sigh , high ,learn ,earth, because , people , very and every.

We wrote blurbs for our Greyfriars Bobby book covers.

We wrote a list of things we think we should pack to go to camp.

We wrote our own report about how we have done in P5 so far, for Parent’s Night.

In Literacy Circles  we all took on different jobs . We read them out to our groups and then discussed them . We set our pages for Tuesday.


In Mandarin we revised numbers and were assisted in pronunciation by A  and I .They were great teachers!

In German we revised colours and played corners .

In French we  talked about the weather and used our weather dice to play a game.


We did more work on the 4 layers  and what they are like.They are Forest Floor, Understorey , Canopy and Emergent.

We are creating  a Rainforest in the class. It is a work in progress!

We mad up a kit list for camp ….

We can’t wait for Wednesday!

P5HW learning this week 28/9/18

Today’s reflective week was written by the table teams.

Maths by the Robotic Wolves

We continued  to estimate answers by rounding to the nearest 100 or 1000 eg in the sum 519 + 626  the estimate is  500 +600 =1100

This week we used  protractors again to work out angles. We drew some too and played an angle game on the laptops. We also designed a poster giving instructions.

Literacy  by Fabulous Footballers

Our creative writing was set in a Rainforest. We worked on paragraphs and adjectives

In Spelling we made up riddles which our learning partners  had to answer.

In Literacy Circles  we  worked together were Question masters. We had to think of questions fro the rest of the group and which pages  they could find the answers We planned our next pages to read.

Languages by the Pretty Pandas.

In Mandarin we learned how to count to 10 using words and symbols

In German we also counted to 10  and learnt a few colours. Some of the words are  similar to French ones.

In French we  talked about the weather and have begun to make a weather dice to use next time.

It was European Language day on Wednesday so we designed menus from around the world and discussed all the different languages people can speak in the class. We have a very multilingual class.

HWB by Arctic Foxes

In PE we were learning how to intercept passes again. We used tags to help learn how to tackle.  You had to try and mot let the other person get it.When you are tagged you have to release and pass the ball. It was very challenging.

In Assembly we had to share  our Take a Minute posters with the rest of the school

Morning Challenge by the Daring Dolphins

One of our challenges was to design our own alien and then we used adjectives to describe it.

Another was to do with the Chinese Moon Festival and was colouring and designing a picture.

Topic by Scary Skeletons

We researched the layers of the rainforest and have learned it is very different in the 4 layers They are Forest Floor, Understorey , Canopy and Emergent.

We began an animal fact file on tropical rainforests . We used the laptops to do our research.

We have begun a rainforest display

Bon Week-end !         Schones Wachenendel!

P5HW learning this week 21/9/18

Today’s reflective week was written by the table teams.

Maths by the Pretty Pandas

We rounded  numbers up to 100 and 1000s.  Then we went on to estimating answers by rounding to the nearest 100 or 1000 eg in the sum 59 + 62  the estimate is  60 +60 =120

This week we used  protractors again to work out angles. We drew some too and played an angle game on the laptops.

Literacy  by Scary Skeletons

In handwriting we were learning how to join our s’s and we wrote words with eses

We looked at what adjectives are and how to use them They are describing words and when you use them  nouns become more interesting and stories are more exciting.  we drew a picture of a character and then described them

Literacy Circles by Robotic Wolves

We picked our books and then in our groups we planned how much we will read over the next month . We organised out folders which we are going to work on in our groups next week.We worked out our plan for the pages to read this week in a polypocket to take home

Languages by the Arctic Foxes

In Mandarin we learned how to write some words eg moon, fire, person, follow,

In German we looked at the alphabet and numbers to 20. We used ipads .

In French we revised the days , months and seasons.  We talked about the weather.

HWB by Daring Dolphins

In PE we were learning how to intercept passes and what skills you need to throw and catch a rugby or NFL ball.

On Thursday Mrs Ritchie told us all about space. She told us that if we had no moon then we would not be alive today. She talked about gravity too.

Topic by Fabulous Footballers

We continued to finish our covers. we talked about what we knew about Rainforests. Then we did research on laptops and using atlases. we found out where the rainforests are like the Amazon jungle and Rwanda. We talked about animals which might live there.

Au Revoir  and Auf Weidersehen

P5HW’s Week of Learning 14/9/18

Today’s reflective week was written by the table teams.

Maths by the Scary Skeletons:

It was Maths week so  our Morning challenge was based on a maths topic. They were very challenging!!

We rounded  numbers up tpo 100 and 1000s. Some of us challenged ourselves beyond 10000

We carried on looking at shapes and this week we learned how to use  protractors and work out angles.

Literacy  by Robotic Wolves

This week was Big Writing assessment week so we wrote imaginative stories about The Door….

In Spelling we looked at comparative and superlative words endings  of er, est

In handwriting we looked at words ending in ed and ing and how it affects the words

Languages by Pretty Pandas

In Mandarin we learned about the mid Autumn Festival and we watched a  story of why they celebrate the Moon Festival in China.

In German we looked at the alphabet and numbers. We used ipads .

In French we looked at the days , months and seasons.

HWB by Daring Dolphins

We looked at resilience and how to cope with stress .We made posters sharing the strategies we use to cope with stress.

Look out for leaflets in our school bags giving ideas on how to Take a Moment.

We had a joint  fitness lesson with P5H and used the Bodycoach you tube workout . We did it in the new hall on the screen. It was hard work.

Topic by Arctic Foxes

We started our new topic by discussing what we know and designed a front cover for our work. We are all really excited about finding out more .

We said goodbye to one of our classmates who is returning to Japan. We were very sad to see her leave and have loved having her in our class. We will miss her.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.