P4H’s Learning 21.5.21

It has been another busy week of learning in P4H, developing various skills across the curriculum. Our research has stirred our curiosity and after discussion we have decided our investigations will shape our learning over the next few weeks.


Next week’s spelling

We are continuing to explore words which have silent letters.

Silent ‘b’ as in ‘mb’ or ‘bt’

Silent ‘g’ as in ‘gn’









Tricky words form from


We continued working on our group readers. We set the chapters to read .

We chose 2 characters and used our detective skills to find words in the text to describe them. We compared them using our skills.

Literacy Evolve Novel Study.

We continued being reading detectives to explore Ottoline and the Yellow Cat”

We had to find clues from the adverts in the text . Then we could work out the suspicious buildings and try to solve the mystery.


We continued to practise division using our knowledge of tables and number fact families.

We began a topic of money and looked at the value of coins. We sorted money into values and added heaps to make totals.

We decided we would start a shop and use the junk boxes to sell. We plan to organise this next week .


During Skills time some of us built Lego Titanics. We decided to see if they would float or sink. It has stirred our interest in water and why things float . We are going to investigate this more over the next few weeks

Here are the results

Group 1 (A,W,E)

Groups 2 (I,T) and group 3 (W,H)


We divided into groups and began to create information posters to display.

They are First class, Second Class, Third Class , the Captain and crew , icebergs and the shipbuilders. We searched the internet for information and photos to help us We were doing historical research and discovered some amazing facts which we did not know. We used our reading and comprehension skills alongside computer skills to find information. We printed out some photos . Next we will combine all our research to make information posters,

Here we are working together …..

Home Learning Retell someone the facts we discovered through our research


We worked in groups and began to make our own fabulous Titanic .We looked at photos and videos as part of our research. We combined our skills and painted, cut, drew and designed our own ship.


We played rounders and developed our throwing , catching and running skills. We needed to work as a team

Fun from the health week activities .

Guess which event Ms Hastie was standing at?!

We finished with relay races…..

Enjoy the long weekend with Monday holiday

by P4H and Ms Hastie