P2 Wonderful Wolves Friday update

This week in P2W…

Literacy: This week we have been learning our soft ‘g’ sound and spelling rule. We also had lots of fun with our Mr Men and Little Miss story writing station this week…lots of creative authors in the making! This week we also were learning about writing lists and we created a list of instructions for washing our hands. In writing this week we focused on using connectives when writing about animals and the reasons we like them.

Numeracy and Maths – This week we continued our learning on place value and partitioning. We have been using our counting blocks to help us represent tens and units and then used these to help us add and subtract large numbers. This week our class had some very specific pizza orders from customers so we used our fraction knowledge to make the pizzas and sent them out for delivery! We also got to play fraction bingo.

Other curricular areas: We were learning about the artist Claude Monet this week and P2W are excited to try and replicate some of his art work in the coming weeks. We also had outdoor loose parts play this week where we got to be very creative…lots of mud pies and dens! To celebrate filling our class pompom jar for our targets of ‘being kind to others, showing good listening and being respectful to resources’ we had a movie morning on Friday. We also created some new targets for the rest of term.

Our new class targets:

Tremendous toilet manners

Cool carpet sitters

Excellent example setters

Ask your child what these involve!

Reading: Next week we will be having a look at some non-fiction books. Your child’s reading book next week will therefore be non-fiction. This will correlate with their Oxford Reading tree stage.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Ms Russell