What we have been learning this week – 21.5.21

Happy Friday P5M!


In reading this week, we have been learning about the circulatory system and the nervous system for our Human Body topic. We practised taking notes in our own words from a passage and from videos. We then used the information that we had gathered to create information posters.

For persuasive writing this week we moved on to learning how to write persuasive letters. We wrote letters to Mrs Imrie trying to persuade her to get recycling bins in to the school. The skills that we were focusing on were; using emotive language, repeating our point and exaggerating our point by using WOW words.

Things to do at home –

See the progress record for this week’s reading pages. Practise the different reading skills that we have focused on in class such as: creating and answering your own questions, pick an important part of the book and illustrate it, write a short paragraph about why it is an important part of the book or use a dictionary to find the meaning of any unknown words.

Spelling words will be posted on Tuesday – practise writing them out in the air with your finger and trying to use them in sentences.

Have a look at TV adverts and try to identify if they use any of the techniques that we have been learning about in class.

Maths and Numeracy

This week in numeracy we have continued with our topic of time. We have been practising converting 12-hour time into 24-hour time by adding 12 to the hour. We also looked at different timetables while learning how to calculate the duration of time. To work this out we have been using an empty number line. We will continue this next week.

Things to do at home –

Practise your problem solving – https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/problem-solving

Log on to Sumdog and try to complete this week’s challenge ‘Master Maths’ before it ends next Friday.

Look at any timetables you come across (bus, train, etc.) and try to calculate how long it takes to get to where you are going.

Other curricular areas

  • For our Human Body topic, we have been learning about how the circulatory system works. We discussed how the heart transports blood around the body and we carried out a mini experiment where we took our heart rate before exercise, straight after, and then every minute afterwards for 4 minutes. This helped us to see how our heart speeds up when we are active and how quickly it will return to normal.
  • We also learned about the sensory system, focusing on how our nerves send messages to and from the brain. We created great pieces of art showing the different parts of the brain and our nerves.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Miss Mangan