Reflective Friday 21.05.21

Happy Friday P1L!

You have all worked really hard this week! Well done!

Here is what we have been up to:


In literacy this week we have learned three new sounds – ‘nd’ ‘nt’ and ‘mp’. We enjoyed thinking of words which have the sounds in them, looking for words in our reading books and drawing pictures of words which have the sounds in them. We also enjoyed writing words with these sounds in sentences, reading texts and highlighting the new sounds and playing games! We also continued to learn and look at the Block 3 tricky words. This week we focussed on ‘kind’ and ‘find’. Please continue to practice your tricky words at home and our new sounds each week. Please practice learning how to read, write and use the tricky words at home! (Block 1-Block 3)

For reading, we each got a new ORT book and we predicted what we thought was going to happen in the story before reading, we had word hunts and we read both individually and with a partner. We also practised our comprehension skills by completing a fill in the missing word activity sheet. We enjoyed the extra challenge of reading our book backwards this week! Reading books will be sent home on a Thursday and to be returned to school on a Monday! Tuesday next week. Please feel free to write any comments in your child’s reading diary!

In writing this week we wrote a story using ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as a stimulus. Our writing task was to continue the story as the butterfly and think about what they might like to eat. We planned our stories by thinking about who our butterfly was (what did they look like etc), where our story was going to take place and what did they eat. We then wrote our stories, reminding ourselves to use our non-negotiables and designed beautiful drawings of our butterflies!

Things to try at home;

  • Practice reading your reading book which is sent home! Read the book forwards and backwards, ask your child questions about the story, the characters etc. You could extend the learning of the book and ask your child to write the next part of the story.
  • Revise our new sounds and tricky words! Can you read them and write them?
  • Write a story about your weekend! Can you add lots of detailed language?
  • Recognise and use our non-negotiables in everything you write!


In numeracy this week we practised our counting skills and recognising numbers up to 100. We also looked at 100 squares and noticing patterns on them. We counted screened and unscreened collections together and also practised making equal groups. We also practiced thinking of other ways to make numbers on our fingers, sequencing numerals and identifying numbers up to 100.

We also had a look at the Early Level Benchmarks and revised our learning of numeracy we have done throughout the year.

We also started our Data Handling maths topic and learned how to make tally marks to record information. We also learned how to make pictograms and bar charts to show the information we had gathered when taking the tally marks.

Things to try at home:

  • Practice counting to 100.
  • Can you notice numbers in your local environment? On buses, houses or outdoors? What number comes before or after the one you see? What is 10 more than that number?
  • Practice counting items or groups of items in your house. Can you make tally marks to show how many you have?

Other Curricular Areas

P.E: We enjoyed practising our athletic skills and learning how to use our arms and looking where we are going to help us run faster.

French: We have been learning how to count to 10 in french and basic greetings. We also have been learning the days of the week and how to say ‘Today it is..’ We also learned how to say what we are feeling in French.

Topic: This week we talked about where our food comes from and if it comes from a plant or an animal. We also spoke about our favourite foods and where we thought they came from.

Outdoor Learning: We had lots of fun playing with the outdoor loose parts and exploring building and making things together!

Photos of the Week:

P1L’s Highlights of the Week:

Jack – I enjoyed loose parts outdoors.

Joe – I liked the loose parts messy play.

Barney – I liked doing maths this week.

Next Week:

  • Enjoy the Monday holiday!
  • P.E will be on Thursday.
  • Please bring appropriate outdoor clothing as we will have one outdoor lesson per day.
  • Please return your reading folder (book and reading diary inside the folder please!) on Tuesday!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss McGillivray