P2/3 Golden Treasures Reflective Friday week beginning 17th May 2021

Please remember that Monday is a holiday next week! We hope that you enjoy the long weekend.


  • Spelling: this week we practised our spelling words using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check; we also did a carousel of activities to practise our spellings: pastels, making them from wool, making our own wordsearches and tricky word highlighting.
  • Team Jewel- continuing our work on ‘oy’
  • Team Gold– continuing our work on adding ‘ing’ endings to words where you don’t need to make any changes to the root word.
  • Team Treasure- plurals where the root word doesn’t change.
  • Reading- skimming and scanning in our reading books to find words with our spelling sounds; reading for information about plants.
  • Handwriting– practising formation, focusing on the correct height of letters, beginning joining.
  • Writing- writing a story.

At home ideas:

  • Try to add some extra words to your group’s spelling list that follow the same rule.
  • Keep reading for pleasure, can you read for 20 minutes every day?


  • Continuing our work on fractions. We revised how to find half of a shape and half of a number and moved on to looking at quarters. We talked about the meaning of the word fraction and how it’s super important to remember that it’s an EQUAL part.
  • We talked about the numerator and denominator in a fraction (don’t worry about remembering these long words though!)
  • Focusing on our counting in 3s and linking this to the 3 x table.
  • Continuing to work on measure: weight, capacity and measuring in cm.

At home ideas:

  • Fractions: draw some shapes on paper and cut them out. Can you find any shapes that you can fold into quarters? (Hint: you could try halving a shape and then halving it again)
  • Listen to and join in with these counting in 3s songs



Other Areas

  • IDL/Topic- learning a bit more about what plants need to grow, making posters and planting our own sunflower seeds which we plan to look after really well.
  • PE- sports day stations
  • Starting to plan for our class assembly, which is all about our learning during Health Week.

At home ideas:

  • Have a look at plants around your house, garden or in your neighbourhood. Do you know the names of any of them? What are the similarities and differences between the different plants that you see?
  • Set up your own sports day stations for family and friends to enjoy. Be creative with the equipment that you have in your house!

Have a super weekend!

Mrs Tweedie and Mrs Graham

Our posters all about what plants need to grow
Meet Mrs T’s new kitten- Max Whiskers Tweedie