P4H’s Learning 23.4.21

Welcome back to term 3 We have a busy term ahead but it is lovely to be working together in school.

Reminder that any entries for Buckstone’s Got Talent should be brought in school next week so the class can select who will represent us.

As usual we have been very busy working across the curriculum developing skills.


This term, we will be reading within groups but at school. There will be no reading books going home. Covid restrictions made group reading tricky so we will be reading our novels daily and working on various tasks relating to the group reader.

Today’s blog was complied by P4H who have been working hard developing our skills across the curriculum


Our class novel is The Bolds by Julian Clary. It is about people who are not really people as they are hyenas . It is very funny because the hyenas make lots of mistakes pretending to be humans.

There are several books in the series.


This week we revised all the tricky words from last term. Keep practising at home

Use, just, find, kind, buy, by, heard, herd, even, different, threw, through

Next week’s spelling

Super graph, sphere, phrase, physical, elephant, dolphin

Fantastic phonics, paragraph, nephew, telephone, orphan, alphabet

Spectacular photograph, autograph, atmosphere, pheasant, pharmacy catastrophe

We created our own Haiku poems .These are short poems which come from Japan We developed our knowledge of syllables from last term This is a poem that has 3 lines with 5 syllables in the first and 3rd line and 7 syllables in the 2nd. We used clapping to help us.

We thought about the signs of Spring and used our ideas to create the poems

Similes We learned what a simile was and created our own. We listened to Roger McGough reading his poem called The Writer of this Poem

We were able to make up our own comparisons using similes. We changed traditional similes using modern comparisons.

At Home Ideas
Try making up some similes comparing things around your home


We revised the 3 times table and tried to speed up accurate recall with activities and games. We were making links between times tables. We worked in partners and on our own

At home ideas

Practice your 3 times table here :-


We made a compass and went outside to plan journeys for our partner to follow. We were working out left and right turns. We found out about the points on a Compass and when we might use a Compass. We used North , South , East and West in our directions.

At Home Ideas

Try planning a route and see if someone at home can follow it. Were your instructions clear enough? Can you use the language we have been learning in class? For example – full, half, quarter turns, right, left, anti-clockwise, clockwise, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees and the Compass Points for an extra challenge.

We began to look at grids and how coordinates work . We learned about the axis and how to plot points on a square in a grid . In outdoor learning we chalked our own grids and put stones and twigs down . Our partner had to work out the coordinates

We learnt to read the horizontal axis first.

Other areas

Art We made pencil drawings of daffodils and then added detail with black pens. We followed a video to help us but created our own individual ones. We discovered there are many varieties of daffodils.

Can you retell the story form Greek mythology about Narcissus?

PE We did fitness exercises and then used basic equipment to develop our skills and work as a team.

We also developed our climbing , coordination and balance skills on the climbing frames and ropes.

We learned how to play Cat and Mouse

RME We talked about Ramadan and heard what it is like celebrating Ramadan . It was interesting and we had lots of questions. We are looking forward to hearing about Eid..

Problem Solving The Mystery of the Missing Daffodils

We had to use our problem solving skills to work out different numeracy clues to solve the mystery. Some were tricky.

Have a lovely weekend

P4H ( and Ms Hastie)