Information P4W and Spelling Words WB 26.4.21

Please note next week we will be practising the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 100 Common Words as it is a short week in school – these lists are available on Teams and on the previous blog entries.

Please accept our apologies for not managing to upload the spelling rule and words for this week until now, here they are:

Learning Intention:     We are learning to develop our knowledge of spelling rules.

Word Lists:

Super:  Fantastic:  Spectacular:

baby  stupid  patient

even  silent  latest

paper  spider  student

music  total   moment

pilot  pupil  locate

robot   tulip  beyond

bacon  relax   minus

hotel  happen  family

unit   bonus  lemonade

table   apron  banana

Tricky words:    how, who

This is also a further reminder for the children that if anyone is interested in taking part in the Buckstone Has Talent show, we kindly ask that any songs, dances, acts are recorded as videos at home and uploaded onto our P4W Class Teams Assignment tab called ‘P4W Buckstone Has Talent entries’ before next Wednesday 5th May.

Thank you so much for your help with this!