P1 Tigers Reflective Friday 30th April

Good morning! We hope you all had a lovely week.

We have been very busy again this week.

Here is what we have been learning at school:


This week we have learned three consonant blends: sp, st and sw. Our tricky words are every and two.

For the sp sound we made spiders and we played with spaghetti (we loved it!). We also looked at Mrs de Bonrostro’s Spanish flag, it was a big flag!

For the st sound we played with the stamps and we made sticky stars. We did a sticky sticks outdoors!

For the sw sound we did swans and sweet houses! We were great at following instructions and no eating the sweets…we think! We watched some fragments of the Swan lake ballet and we did the Swan lake dance, look at us dancing together! We were swinging outside too.

At writing we wrote about our bedrooms. The focus was to use describing words and writing short sentences using finger spaces, capital letters at the start of a sentence and full stops at the end of a sentence.

Home learning Ideas

  • We have noticed that most children can write their own names however the letter formation is not correct. The children have learned to this when they were younger so some letters are still formed incorrectly. It would be great if you can practice this at home.
  • You could use the home learning sheet to make words with the sounds that we have worked on.
  • Ask your child to read the read book that it went home on Thursday. We have been reading it during the week at school.


We have been revising our knowledge on Money ( work that we did while Learning at home). We also have started to work on measurement.

We have continued to work on our Numeracy skills through SEAL.

Home learning Ideas

  • You could use real coins to create amounts up to 10p and practice to give change within 10p. When using coins focus on colour, size and shape rather than looking at the number on the coins as some of them don’t have it and this can create confusion. Talk about value.
  • You can measure items in your house/ garden using their hands, feet or any other object.
  • You could do some baking and discuss about measuring while doing so.
  • You could try this game at home: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/early-years/lets-compare

Other areas


On Monday Mr Segall, our Active schools coordinator, worked with us and we did lots of games. We followed instructions and worked on balance and fitness.

Independent learning


  • Monday 3rd May is a school holiday and Tuesday is an In Service day (only for staff). Children will be back at school on Wednesday 5th May. On Thursday we will be learning from home ( due to school be used as a polling station): work will be posted at 8.45, our online meeting will take place at 9.30 am.
  • On Wednesday please check your child’s purple folder as we will be sending some work home that would be explained on Thursday’s blog.
  • Please remember to send to school labelled spare clothes for your child. Please check if you have at home school sweatshirt that doesn’t belong to your child as we have one missing and it is not at school. Thank you!
  • See below a photo of different items unlabelled that have not been claimed Please let us know if any of them belong to your child.

We hope you have a lovely long weekend!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro