P4H’s Learning 3.6.21

This week we faced yet another situation which meant that the class had to be flexible and prepared for change any moment. They have all been fantastic. especially as none of us really knew what would happen next.

Thank you for all your support this week with an ever changing school day.

As always this week’s blog is compiled by P4H

Next week’s Spelling

le ending rule

…..where the first syllable is long vowel sound, only 1 consonant is required before adding le eg trifle

table, cable, staple, ladle, title, trifle, Bible , noble, bugle, cycle

Tricky words also, always


We continued exploring Ottoline and being reading detectives looking for clues. The story is getting really exciting . Mr Monroe has gone undercover to try and prove the Yellow Cat is a burglar.

Group Readers

We al started new books this week and set the chapters to read.

We also predicted what our books might be like by looking at the cover and the blurb.

Some of us have Ottoline books.


We continued to practise writing in paragraphs. Writing a story is like a hamburger . The top and bottom of the roll is the beginning and end . The bits in the middle are the different stages and paragraphs in the story. Then we created our own adventure story concentrating on punctuation, grammar, layout and paragraphs. We were pleased with our finished stories and are going to assess them next.

Home Learning



We revised subtraction with borrowing. We chose the challenge which we were happy with , using 2 or 3 digit borrowing .


We worked out what 1/4 and 1/3 are of a whole. We also tried written word problems where we had to divide things between 3 or 4 .Fractions use tables.


We practised putting in the decimal point . We also tried to work out change from £5 and £10. We have to subtract to find out how much change we get.

We also did calculations using borrowing and remembering where to put the decimal point again. We found it tricky especially when it was a 0.

Home Learning

Practise fractions here.


Try these sites to practise money skills…..




We continued to research information using the laptops and also pictures and information books. We added lights to our own Titanic which makes it sparkle. It was probably lit up the night of the 14th April 1912 when it hit the iceberg.


We developed our bat and ball skills using tennis rackets and balls. We played with a partner and also on our own. We did keepie uppie with our rackets and balls.


It was good to see everyone who is working at home. We enjoyed the pirate quiz . We got 9 and a half out of 10

Have a great weekend

From P4H (and Ms Hastie and Mrs Murray)