P2 Wonderful Wolves Friday update

This week in P2W…

Literacy – this week we travelled back in time with Mr Ed to help us learn our spelling rule for ‘ed’. We also continued our exploring of non-fiction texts and created posters with facts from our reading books. This week we have been learning about commas when writing a list and we took a trip to the class sweet shop to help us!

Numeracy and Maths – this week we continued our learning of place value and have been practicing adding tens and units. In mathematics we have started learning about measure. We were learning how to use a ruler and explored measuring items in cm and m.

Health and Wellbeing: this week we have been discussing how to be resilient and what our brains need to stay healthy.

Other curricular areas: This week we have been creating Monet inspired artwork using our oil pastels. We also got to explore magnifying lenses in our outdoor learning a slot.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!