Learning Together at Home 07/06/21

Monday 7th June 2021

Good Morning Lovely Lions,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed playing in the sunshine!

This week we will be learning at home but I will meet with you on Teams once a day. Today we will have a whole class meeting at 11am.

Each day I will share one literacy, one numeracy/maths and one other curricular area task. Please do not feel pressured to complete everything as I know this situation may be difficult for you. I am here to support you! Learning will be uploaded onto the blog the evening before.

Please share your learning on the Learning Journals! I would love to see what you are getting up to this week! Feel free to ask any questions on the learning journals or via email, I am more than happy to help with anything.

Thank you all for your support,

Miss McGillivray

Here are today’s learning tasks:



I have shared on your child’s Learning Journal which book they should access from the Oxford Owl website. Along with the log in details on how to access the book from the website.


  1. Predict what you think your new book is going to be about before reading. Read the book with an adult, ask them to ask you questions about the story: characters, setting, plot etc.
  2. Complete this Beginning, Middle and End worksheet (attached below). Draw a picture of a key moment at the start, in the middle and at the end of the story. Write a sentence/few words describing what is happening.


This week we will be learning the last few sounds in Block 3 of the Literacy Rich Programme. Each of these sounds only has a few words to learn, so we will be looking at 2-3 at a time!

Today’s sounds are: ‘rk’ and ‘rf’


  1. Please watch the powerpoint attached below. In this powerpoint, there is a number of tasks to do whilst you watch. Reading words, writing words and as an extra challenge writing a sentence using words which have our new sounds in them.
  2. Use paint, flour, pasta, sand (etc) to write and create words which have the ‘rk’ or ‘rf’ sound in them. Be creative! Focus on the accuracy of spelling within the word.

Tricky Words:

Attached below are the tricky word powerpoints we use in school. Ask your child to say the words quickly. They should be able to read these words from sight memory as we cannot sound them out. We have looked at all of the Block 3 words now, however, these still need some revision.

As an extra challenge ask your child to write some tricky words from memory. Please continue to practice these – especially Block 3! However it is good to go over block 1 and 2 daily!


This week we will be revising our fractions maths topic.


Practice your mental addition skills with this speedy maths challenge.

  • Select the level which you would like to try.
  • Have a go at using your mental maths strategies (fingers/head counting/number bonds knowledge) to help you!

Today’s Focus: Fractions

This week we are going to be revising our learning of fractions. Do you remember what ‘half’ and ‘whole’ means?

Watch this video to revise our learning of fractions from last week.

Main Tasks:

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Complete the attached fractions worksheet below.


Watch this short video for our warm up for P.E today

Main Task:

Think of all the different ways you can move your body. Have a go at trying all the different ways you can think of then answer these questions verbally with an adult.

  • Which was the fastest?
  • Which was the slowest?
  • Which one could you do for the longest before getting tired?
  • Which one was the most fun?
  • Which one did you travel the furthest doing?
  • Which one did you travel the least doing?