Learning together at home Monday 7th June

Welcome back to our online learning. We hope you had a great weekend and managed to find a way to enjoy the sunshine.

Every day this week we will post our blog the evening before (therefore there will be three posts today, this one, one for todays learning and one for tomorrow’s learning) . We think that this will help parents to be ready for the next day. Please don’t worry if you can’t do the home learning, we rather have happy families and children than stressed and unhappy ones!

We will provide an activity for Literacy, one for Numeracy and one other area a day. Please work in the way that best suits your family needs and keep in touch if you need anything (via the school email address). We also understand that some children might be ill therefore your child should not be doing work when unwell and should not try to the work that hasn’t been done while unwell.

We will meet every day at 9.30 and we will send you the link for this meeting on a daily basis. Microphones should be muted when joining the meeting. Please for today’s meeting bring paper and pencil/pen or whiteboard and whiteboard pen.

Feel free to post your child’s work on your child’s e-learning journal. We will politely ask you to only do one post a day ( you can add up to five photos on each post!).

Your reading book is already available on your child’s e- learning journal. We are aware that this way you have to look at two websites however this is the only way we can keep your child’s information private and available to you. As you know it is only once a week that we provide a reading book so you don’t need to look every day on the e-journals for home learning information.

We will post again at 8.30 with today’s work.

Looking forward to seeing you all at 9.30!

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro