P2M Magic Monkeys 04.06.2021

Hello P2M, Parents and Carers,

This week has been a tricky week at school – well done to P2M for all their hard work and resilience with all the last minute changes, I’m very proud of you!


  • adding -ed to words to make them past tense
  • eg. looked, waited, twisted, crashed, pushed, played
  • ‘Jelly Baby Writing’. This week we used Jelly babies to help us with our writing. They were very clever and yummy! (gelatine free sweets were given too)
  • Dictation and Hold the Sentence (-ed words)
  • Reading – Poetry
  • This week for reading we have explored ‘My Shadow’
  • Optional activities were sent home
  • We also completed a Poem Review
  • Thank you to everyone that has shared their learning with me. Here is Connor learning in the sunshine……….

  • Handwriting – ascenders and descenders.
  • Handwriting – we are now focussing on writing correctly on the lines


  • Measure – this week we have started to estimate the length of an item based on prior knowledge
  • we looked at different items and estimated the length before we measured
  • 3 times table
  • Times maths challenge

Other Curricular Areas:

  • Outdoor Learning – Numeracy (Bingo)
  • P.E – tig games and ball games
  • Learn Through Play
  • Health and Wellbeing – ‘Healthy Brain Recipe’

Highlights from this week:

“The timed chilli challenge” – Kaiden

“the timed challenge” – Rayyan

“Colouring in” – Max

“Writing” – Abdullah

“Learning with the building blocks” – Carl

“Mindfulness colouring in” – Lewis

“Counting in 3s” – Zoe

“Counting in 3s” – Scarlett

“I enjoyed the counting in 3s” – Mahdis

“I enjoyed doing -ed and dictation” – Beth

“I enjoyed doing the writing” – Ella

“I enjoyed doing the Jelly Baby Writing” – Megan

“I enjoyed doing mindfulness colouring in” – Eesha

“I enjoyed the building blocks” – Connor

“Timed challenge” – Fergus

” I enjoyed doing writing” – William

“I enjoyed doing handwriting” – Jack

“I enjoyed doing the Jelly Baby Writing” – Kayden

“I enjoyed writing about jelly babies” – Lily

“This week I enjoyed learning about having a healthy brain” – Miss McGhee

“I enjoyed some of P2M making me a tree to sit in” – Mr Monkey

Extra Info:

  • Please return any Learning Stories you still have at home (blue folder)
  • Please bring your poem to school every day
  • Next week we are continuing with Poetry
  • A poem will be sent home for you to read together. We will also explore this poem throughout the week at school and do activities linked to it
  • I will also send reading activities home – these are optional and do not need to be returned to school

Enjoy the weekend, see you on Monday!

Have fun and stay safe

Miss McGhee