P4H’s Learning 28.5.21

Another busy week as P4H continue to learn and develop skills across the curriculum..

This week’s blog was compiled by P4H working together,


Next week’s spelling …..

The rule is where the first syllable contains a short vowel sound, 2 consonants are required before adding “le” eg purple

Where one consonant sound is heard eg puzzle, double the consonant by adding le ..kettle , middle. apple

trample, simple, purple, buckle, sparkle, middle, bottle, circle, puzzle, handle

Tricky words three there


We set the next chapter to read. We invented and alternative ending to the story using our imagination and remembering the story line. We also picked out interesting words and looked up their definition in the dictionary,


We learnt how to use paragraphs in story writing and that it helps when we write out information. It will help us write stories and separates topics by time and place. Organising information makes it easier to read. They help with layout and makes it easier to understand. .

Class Novel Study

We continued being reading detectives with Ottoline , We looked at Mr Munroe’s feelings and how they changed in different places at various times. We noticed there was a difference.


We used our tables and division skills to help us work with fractions. We started with a half and saw the links between 2x table. Shapes have to be divided into 2 equal parts to be a half. Numbers of objects have to be shared in 2 equal piles when they are halved.

Home learning

Try some of these sites.



We continued to count sums of money. We also learned about the decimal point and why it is important to write amounts correctly and when we do calculations.

We also added and subtracted. We found the carrying and borrowing ones tricky and had to remind ourselves what to do. We will be practising more of these next week

Home Learning

Try some of these games




We continued to research the Titanic by using laptops and reading articles which we downloaded. Each group has almost enough information to make our information posters.

We have almost finished our own Titanic ship.and put information labels on it.

We read more of the Titanic Detective Agency . Bertha is still very suspicious of some of the passengers and has begun to make a list of clues. Johan was sea sick but still wants to find out what is map means. It is getting very exciting.

Outdoor Leaning

We used our magnifiers to look at living things on the ground in the woods. It was mainly flies and d bugs we found but they looked huge when magnified! Some of them looked really weird!


We had fun after a heavy down pour of rain. We looked at the effects of water on chalks . The colours are much brighter . We discovered they disintegrate and becomes very mushy. This is because they partly dissolves in water. It became very messy!

Have a sunny weekend!

by P4H

( and Ms Hastie and Mrs Murray)