P4H’s Learning this week 9/10/20

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog..It was lovely to “meet” you all at our virtual Parent’s Consultations and share the children’s progress It was a strange first time experience but, despite the technical difficulties, welcomed the opportunity to have this one to one contact.

We have had another busy week developing our learning . As usual the blog is compiled by the children based on their reflections


We learnt how to spell words with al they make an aw sound

Super/fantastic talk, stalk,chalk,walk, salt,halt, alter, false, scald

Challenge talkative, stalking, alteration, Malteser, halted,walking, chalk

Tricky words where , were

Home learning . Try and write the words in alphabetical order

We found out the difference between their, there and they’re . It is tricky but we found a good way to remember how to spell them

Home learning Can you tell people how we remember them and use them correctly in sentences

In “The Storm” we looked at the author’s words. We had to up level sentences by finding words in the text. We are going to try and use these in our own writing.

We read “How to Look after a Cat ” together and then answered questions , We had to read the text ourselves to find the answers. We were being detectives again!

We wrote about an invention and had to use adjectives to describe it.

Handwriting Practising cursive handwriting using spelling words. We self assessed with pink / green highlighters


We worked out whether numbers were greater >, less than > or equal = another number and use the correct sign . We used 2,3,4 digit numbers

We were rounding numbers up to the nearest 10. We looked at numbers and said whether they should be rounded up or down. We did it with 3 digit numbers

eg. 34 is rounded to 30 37 is rounded to 40 256 is rounded up to 260 251 is rounded down to 250

In mental maths we had to recall 3 times table and number family facts and Jigsaw numbers to 20 and up to 100 as a challenge.

Information Handling: We recorded the results of surveys with tally marks. We discussed the purpose of surveys and some situations they might be used and used tally marks

Home learning Practice rounding numbers up or down to the nearest 10 Challenge yourself with 3 or 4 digit numbers

Practice number fact families


Other Areas

IDL We looked at Scotland on a map and tried to find the 6 cities. We found out information about them .

Home learning Can you find them on a map at home?

In PE we did relay races and worked as a team.. We were trying out new skills . We also tried to improve our skills and realised sport is about improving yourself not comparing to others.

In Outdoor Learning we wrote numbers in digits and words using anything natural we could find.

In Music we explored different rhythms using body percussion. We completed sequences and perform / layer rhythms as a class.

French We revised words and phrases for greetings and practiced “elle s’appelle…’ and ‘il s’appelle…’ in pairs.

HWB In Circle time we discussed friendships and what makes a good friend.Some of us are finding it hard not being able to play with other classes and we talked about ways to get through that!

In Assembly we said Goodbye to Mrs Ritchie. We made a class card! She was on Teams with us.It was good fun!

Half term starts next Friday!

Have a good weekend

P4H ( and Ms Hastie)


P4H’s learning this week 25/9/20

It may have been a short week but we have managed to pack a full curriculum of learning into the week.

Reading . We have continued to read and discuss the stories. We predict and reflect on the events in our books.We spotted adjectives as we were reading.


We have been learning about the ed rule and discussing past tense. We add ed If the root contains a short vowel and 2 consonants or if root contains long vowels.

We listened to the sound ed can make. There are 3 sounds t /d /ed

Super/Fantastic helped, thanked,jumped,haunted,enjoyed,planted,painted,warmed reached, granted

Spectacular murdered, explained m haunted, gasped, fainted,stranded , clamped, tramped, happened , recieved

Tricky words ….. their and there …..and we found them very tricky!

We continued to practise cursive handwriting.

In the Storm we tried to imagine what the main people were feeling and thinking. We practiced showing feelings

We made a list of adjectives which we found useful.

We were news reporters and wrote about what we had been doing on the holiday weekend.We had to use adjectives aswell as the non negotiables.

Home learning ideas Practice using both there and their in sentences

Find out more about adjectives ……



We were learning more about probability and chance. We had to read problems and solve them We rolled a dice and predicted which number would come up the most . Some of us got it right.

We looked at number story families e. 3+4=7 4+3=7 7-3=4 7-3=4

Mental agility

We had to recalling number facts quickly

Practicing 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Doubling 2 and 3-digit numbers.

Home learning ideas


Make up some number stories . As an extra challenge try numbers up to 20 and beyond

Practice writing 3 and 4 digit numbers and writing them in words.

Try this probability game


Other areas of the curriculum


We looked at a world map in an Atlas. We had to find Scotland and discovered it is tiny. We found continents and labelled a map.

Home learning Look up a map and try to find Scotland , Europe , Africa , USA, Asia , S America

Drama We worked in groups. We had to do a freeze frame of a scene in the Storm. We talked about expressions and how that shows how someone feels.

PE We used our equipment and did relay races and games in teams. We also developed our fitness

Music We clapped rhythmns and we got into groups to make our own rhymns

Outdoor Learning

We were able to go into the Loose Parts shed. We had to set up a station in a group and choose our equipment and then develop it . We were problem solving. It was fantastic fun!

Have a lovely weekend

from P4H and Ms Hastie.


P4H’s Learning this Week 18.09.20

Hello. It has been a very packed week again in P4H as we settle into the way of working. We have been developing numerous skills over the week.

We reflected on our week and created our Blog together

Reading We have been looking at adjectives in our reading books as well as reading in class and at home. We predicted what would happen

Spelling This week we revised the rules for ing ( the root stays the same or doubling the letter or dropping e and adding ing )

We revised our tricky words so far …could, should, would, other, another, people and water

We found that thousand, hundred, nine, eight four and two can be tricky to spell

Grammar We continued looking at adjectives and how to use them to describe characters in stories. We found some in our reading books ,

In the Storm we were being reading detectives. We talked about Annie and her family. We had to decide whether statements were true by reading the text and finding evidence .

We looked at a non fiction text about dogs and answered questions. We had to read the words carefully so that we could answer the questions. It was quite tricky.

Listening We listened a list of instructions to follow and managed to design a house.Not all the houses looked the same at the end!

Home learning

Handwriting practice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQ6uS8blwY

Practice adjectives https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrqqtfr/articles/zy2r6yc

Spelling….. practice the last few weeks words plus maths vocab


We continued wit place value with 4 digit numbers adding 10,20,30 before and after a certain number eg 10 after 235 We challenged ourselves with some like…. 200 before 2300 or 300 after 3500

We have been learning about probability and chance .We had lots of fun with learning partners discussing whether something is certain, likely, even chance, unlikely or impossible

Home learning Get someone to say 4 digit numbers and write them in digits and words

Think about events and work out the probability level of them happening. Explain why/why not.



We made a list of what we want to know about Scotland and found out where it is in the world using an atlas..We worked out what we would need to use to find the answers.


Designed circuits in the playground which we tested on each other. We challenged ourselves in fitness training. We had to see how many star jumps, sit ups, runs and step ups we could do in 30 seconds. We recorded them and are going to do it again in a few weeks to see if we are fitter and can beat our scores

We talked about the skills we used in our “Loose parts” outdoor learning last week. The list was very long and included using our imagination , being creative, digging, pushing, rolling , lifting , working together , sharing , caring ,thinking , listening and concentrating

Here are a few photos of the fun we had !

In assembly we listened to P7F tell us about their learning. It is good to see everyone together every week.

We reflected on our week and looked forward to what skillls we were going to work on next week.

Have a good holiday weekend

from P4H ( and Ms Hastie)


P4H 11.09.20

Another busy week in P4H developing learning skills in a variety of ways.

The children have brought their learning story home for you to look at with the plans and targets for the term to be returned next week..The children chose their own targets

Reading There may be some movement in groups and stages over the coming weeks as I continue to assess where each child is , since the school closures in March. This also means that they have not been given a specific reading day. Hopefully we will get into a regular pattern very soon. Thank you for your cooperation. It would be handy to use the purple reading bags from P3 if possible.

Ms Hastie

Today’s Blog has been written collaboratively…….

Spelling This week we were learning how to add ing where the verb ends in an e

Super/Fantastic Liking, sharing, driving,using,giving,leaving,writing,coming,choking

Spectacular excluding, requiring,refusing,hoping, managing, noticing,exciting, fascinating , judging

Tricky words people ,water

VCOP Openers are at the beginning of sentences and make them more interesting to read.

We are trying to get better at listening and we discussed ideas in learning partners and shoulder partners and listened to each others ideas..

Handwriting We practised cursive joins of letters

The Hodgeheg was our class novel, but we have finished it. We reviewed it by giving our opinion about the characters and the setting.

Our new novel is The Box, the Mole , the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. We have been sharing ideas and reflections using it.

Home learning ideas .

Handwriting practice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQ6uS8blwY


We continued to work on place value focusing on partitioning 4 digit numbers and converting them in words/ digits

We ordered lists of numbers from smallest to highest eg 63, 234, 765,435,209

We had to calculate numbers before and after and found this very tricky eg 20 after 650 , 40 before 480

We made a line graph using information from Skipper’s Up and Down Day

Home learning ideas. Make up a list of numbers and put them in order

Practice writing numbers in words and spelling them correctly. Spot numbers around your house and try reading them and converting them into words or digits.


Other areas

Music We were exploring rhythm and used our hands to clap with the music. then we made up our our own.

We have been using different media to draw. We designed hedgehog houses with chalk outside.

PE We played team games and developed ball skills. We were practicing dodging and also working together as a team. We have also been working on sportsmanship and the importance or sticking to rules.

The weather has also played a part especially in Outdoor Learning. We looked at leaves and tried to identify some of them but it was very windy.

Today we had a special outdoor learning time using the loose parts in the shed. More on this next week! It was awesome!

Have a lovely weekend !

from P4


P4H 04.09.20

It has been a very industrious week in P4H again as we settle into the new way of working. The class has been very flexible, coping with any changes admirably!


This week we started to look at reading and how this will be managed. Next week the children will be given a book and a reading homework jotter.They will record the required reading themselves, with date to be read by and it can only be used for this. When the books are finished they must be returned so they can be quarantined for 72 hours before another group of children use them. Thanks for your understanding.

Our Blog has been written together as we reflected over the week about our learning.

This is our class rainbow which we made together. It is giant with colourful decorations. it is so big it is displayed in the corridor!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is thumbnail_img_2480.jpg


We were learning how to add ing to words and doubling the consonant.

Super/Fantastic skipping, running, swimming, hopping,stopping, dropping,rubbing, digging,stepping,getting

Spectacular wrapping, trimming,dragging,splitting,scrapping,strumming,quilling, forgetting,planning

Tricky words could , would , should


We started The Storm by Kevin Crossley-Holland

We are reading it together as a class. It is an amazing story so far, about a girl called Annie who lives near a Marsh where there is supposed to be a ghost horse rider. We focused on the setting this week and made a bank of words to describe it. We reflected on the story line and predicted what would happen next.

We were developing our story writing by looking at openers such as One day….Yesterday….. Suddenly.…. and have written stories about a Magic Pencil and a Secret Door.

Home learning. ideas

Spelling practice

Try spotting adjectives in any reading.

Go to



We continued to look at place value and numbers up to 1000.

We practiced partitioning numbers.

We looked at writing numbers in words and also converting to digits.We found the spelling tricky.

We did quick fire tables for mental maths.

Home learning ideas. Practice partitioning eg 456 = 400 + 50+ 6



Practice writing numbers in words.


We played “Squares” and developed throwing and catching with “Tadpole” and circle catch. We also developed our fitness with relay races and looked at speed.

We used our outdoor Learning time to play friendship games and continues to work together on some learning tasks. We have shoulder partners and Learning partners.

We did a Scavenger hunt outside and had to find different things.


We discussed the scene and setting of the Storm and drew pictures with pastels. They are much softer than crayons and easy to use. ( The end results were very impressive and effective -Ms Hastie)

Have a good weekend from

P4H and Ms Hastie