P4H’s Learning this week 9/10/20

Hello and welcome to this week’s blog..It was lovely to “meet” you all at our virtual Parent’s Consultations and share the children’s progress It was a strange first time experience but, despite the technical difficulties, welcomed the opportunity to have this one to one contact.

We have had another busy week developing our learning . As usual the blog is compiled by the children based on their reflections


We learnt how to spell words with al they make an aw sound

Super/fantastic talk, stalk,chalk,walk, salt,halt, alter, false, scald

Challenge talkative, stalking, alteration, Malteser, halted,walking, chalk

Tricky words where , were

Home learning . Try and write the words in alphabetical order

We found out the difference between their, there and they’re . It is tricky but we found a good way to remember how to spell them

Home learning Can you tell people how we remember them and use them correctly in sentences

In “The Storm” we looked at the author’s words. We had to up level sentences by finding words in the text. We are going to try and use these in our own writing.

We read “How to Look after a Cat ” together and then answered questions , We had to read the text ourselves to find the answers. We were being detectives again!

We wrote about an invention and had to use adjectives to describe it.

Handwriting Practising cursive handwriting using spelling words. We self assessed with pink / green highlighters


We worked out whether numbers were greater >, less than > or equal = another number and use the correct sign . We used 2,3,4 digit numbers

We were rounding numbers up to the nearest 10. We looked at numbers and said whether they should be rounded up or down. We did it with 3 digit numbers

eg. 34 is rounded to 30 37 is rounded to 40 256 is rounded up to 260 251 is rounded down to 250

In mental maths we had to recall 3 times table and number family facts and Jigsaw numbers to 20 and up to 100 as a challenge.

Information Handling: We recorded the results of surveys with tally marks. We discussed the purpose of surveys and some situations they might be used and used tally marks

Home learning Practice rounding numbers up or down to the nearest 10 Challenge yourself with 3 or 4 digit numbers

Practice number fact families


Other Areas

IDL We looked at Scotland on a map and tried to find the 6 cities. We found out information about them .

Home learning Can you find them on a map at home?

In PE we did relay races and worked as a team.. We were trying out new skills . We also tried to improve our skills and realised sport is about improving yourself not comparing to others.

In Outdoor Learning we wrote numbers in digits and words using anything natural we could find.

In Music we explored different rhythms using body percussion. We completed sequences and perform / layer rhythms as a class.

French We revised words and phrases for greetings and practiced “elle s’appelle…’ and ‘il s’appelle…’ in pairs.

HWB In Circle time we discussed friendships and what makes a good friend.Some of us are finding it hard not being able to play with other classes and we talked about ways to get through that!

In Assembly we said Goodbye to Mrs Ritchie. We made a class card! She was on Teams with us.It was good fun!

Half term starts next Friday!

Have a good weekend

P4H ( and Ms Hastie)