P6NM Week Beginning 5th October

We had a busy week in P6NM. Here is a summary of our learning.


  • We read more of our novel Friend or Foe. We made inferences about what characters were thinking and feeling. The tricky bit was finding evidence in the text to support what we were saying.
  • We researched and made notes which will help us to write biographies next week.
  • Here are our spelling words.
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Opportunities for home learning:

Think about these questions:

What do you notice about the way they are structured/organised?

What do you notice about the language features?

  • Write a mini autobiography. Think about your personal family history and important events in your life.


In maths we identified lines of symmetry and created symmetrical shapes. Here is some jotter work.

Opportunities for home learning:

  • Play this symmetry matching game and select ‘patterns’.


  • Log into Education City and use the Username P6NM and Password P6NM. Click on Homework and there is an activity to complete in the folder called ‘Symmetry’.


Other areas of the curriculum:

  • We made food chains with paper chains.
  • We enjoyed using drama to understand a key event in Friend or Foe.
  • We enjoyed being outdoors and making symmetrical obstacle courses.

Here are some grids and posters from our reflective Friday session this morning.

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Image preview
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Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs McFarlane