P4H 04.09.20

It has been a very industrious week in P4H again as we settle into the new way of working. The class has been very flexible, coping with any changes admirably!


This week we started to look at reading and how this will be managed. Next week the children will be given a book and a reading homework jotter.They will record the required reading themselves, with date to be read by and it can only be used for this. When the books are finished they must be returned so they can be quarantined for 72 hours before another group of children use them. Thanks for your understanding.

Our Blog has been written together as we reflected over the week about our learning.

This is our class rainbow which we made together. It is giant with colourful decorations. it is so big it is displayed in the corridor!

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We were learning how to add ing to words and doubling the consonant.

Super/Fantastic skipping, running, swimming, hopping,stopping, dropping,rubbing, digging,stepping,getting

Spectacular wrapping, trimming,dragging,splitting,scrapping,strumming,quilling, forgetting,planning

Tricky words could , would , should


We started The Storm by Kevin Crossley-Holland

We are reading it together as a class. It is an amazing story so far, about a girl called Annie who lives near a Marsh where there is supposed to be a ghost horse rider. We focused on the setting this week and made a bank of words to describe it. We reflected on the story line and predicted what would happen next.

We were developing our story writing by looking at openers such as One day….Yesterday….. Suddenly.…. and have written stories about a Magic Pencil and a Secret Door.

Home learning. ideas

Spelling practice

Try spotting adjectives in any reading.

Go to



We continued to look at place value and numbers up to 1000.

We practiced partitioning numbers.

We looked at writing numbers in words and also converting to digits.We found the spelling tricky.

We did quick fire tables for mental maths.

Home learning ideas. Practice partitioning eg 456 = 400 + 50+ 6



Practice writing numbers in words.


We played “Squares” and developed throwing and catching with “Tadpole” and circle catch. We also developed our fitness with relay races and looked at speed.

We used our outdoor Learning time to play friendship games and continues to work together on some learning tasks. We have shoulder partners and Learning partners.

We did a Scavenger hunt outside and had to find different things.


We discussed the scene and setting of the Storm and drew pictures with pastels. They are much softer than crayons and easy to use. ( The end results were very impressive and effective -Ms Hastie)

Have a good weekend from

P4H and Ms Hastie