P5M – What we have been learning this week 04.09.20

Happy Friday! Primary 5M have had a busy week this week learning about lots of different things:


Following on from last week we have been working to improve our descriptive writing skills by ‘up levelling’ our sentences. To do this we have been working in small groups and changing the vocabulary in simple sentences to make them more interesting and descriptive. For example, ‘The horse rode through the field’ became ‘The horse flew through the field as fast as lightening’. We also looked at identifying different connectives in a text (such as; and, also, but, however and because).

To show off our new skills, we focused on describing a haunted house. We looked at all the spooky features on the house as a class and then used our senses to help us ‘set the scene’ by describing the picture.

We enjoyed taking our spelling practice outside this week. We went into the playground and used any natural resources we could find to spell out our spelling words.

During the week we started our class novel ‘The Creakers’ and are all looking forward to finding out where all the parents in Wiffington Town have disappeared to.

Things to do at home –

Practise expanding your vocabulary by trying to ‘up level’ any sentences you read to make them more interesting and descriptive (more detail)

Keep spotting connectives in any reading you do

Please see spelling document posted on Monday

Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We took our learning outside and created 2D shapes in the playground using natural resources.

Following on from last week’s work on understanding the value of digits in numbers up to 10,000, we have been practising writing out numbers in words and reading number lines. We discussed why it is important to be able to read number lines, for example thermometers and scales. Using our number lines, we practised rounding to the nearest 10’s, which we will practise further next week.

We have also been practising counting up in 4’s and 5’s. We have enjoyed playing around the world and buzz to help us with our times tables.

Things to do at home –


Practice counting in 4’s and 5’s (for example this can be done by counting up your steps in 3’s or 4’s)

Have a go at reading any scales or thermometers around the house – you can even try to rounding the number to the nearest 10.

Other curricular areas

  • After working so hard last week on our health and wellbeing drama’s, we performed these to the rest of the class and discussed what relationships they were based on
  • P5M started to discuss our new environment topic this week. We looked at the different aspects we need to cover and decided what we would like to learn about based on this. We decided that our new topic will be called ‘Free the Forests’
  • We have been practising our common phrases and greeting in French this week. To help us remember them we have been trying to do our register in French

Have a lovely weekend!