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P3T What we have been learning this week 12.10.18

We have been learning lots this week.  In spelling we have continued to learn and practise spelling rules.  We have also been learning to write the letters g, j, y, f and s using cursive writing.

In Numeracy we have been counting forwards and backwards in 100s.

In Health and Wellbeing, we were discussing emotions and learnt about strategies to cope with stress.  In PE we have been focusing on fitness, and completed stations which included step ups, star jumps, skipping and sit ups.

In our emergency services topic we have been learning about the Coastguards – the Coastguards search for people at sea.

Happy holidays to everyone.



P2M What we have been learning this week 05.10.18


We were so excited this week because we received a letter from Polly Jean Pyjama Queen! We couldn’t believe it! She even suggested for us to have our own party! We had to create a list of what we would need at our party. This included teddies, cake and balloons.

In Handwriting, we have started learning the cursive letter g. We found this tricky but will keep doing this next week.


In Reading, we have our group books and are enjoying them. One group had to sequence their story and others had to answer questions. Some were tricky.

In Spelling, wh and th were our sounds (third, thump, wheel and whip) and we have worked on these tricky words: his, put, was, want, saw and no.

Maths and Numeracy 

This week in our groups we have been practising adding two groups together by using counters and counting forwards and backwards.

We also started looking at different pieces of information – information handling. We had to read the table/graph and ask a question. For example, what pet was the most popular.

We enjoyed using the ipads to play an adding game.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • In Topic, we learnt about octopuses and giraffes. Did you know octopuses have blue blood and are poisonous? We then made our own! They looked cool.
  • In P.E. we started gymnastics. We thought about our jumping – making sure we land on two feet.


Next week we are going to have our own pyjama party on Friday! If you wish you can bring a pair of pyjamas to change into in school! Also, you can bring in an animal cuddly toy (that you can hold) to come along to the party too!


P2M What we have been learning this week 21.09.18


This week we have continued to practise cursive writing – in particular d and a. We will keep working on a next week!

In Writing we wrote about the crazy weather we have had this week! We had to remember our finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, to stay on the line and to use describing words! Miss Martin felt like she was out in the horrible weather when she was reading our writing!

In Reading we came up with a new group name! They are all based on animals! We liked really in our groups.

In Spelling we focused on tricky words. These included: was, the, to, is, his and put.


We have been learning the months of the year. We can say them but we find it tricky when we are asked what month is before and what month is after. E.g. What month is before April? What month is after April? We have also been reminding ourselves of the days of the week. We will keep practising this next week.

When we are working on numeracy some of us are thinking about adding 2 groups of counters. We are doing well with this. Some groups are also using a number track to help us think about number sequencing.

IMG_1045 a number track

Other areas of curriculum

  • For topic this week we learnt about lions! We went on a Lion Hunt! Some of us made binoculars and lions for us to find! We were scared!
  • In topic next week we will be learning about penguins and monkeys. We are looking forward to this!
  • In P.E. we have been developing our throwing, catching and bouncing skills. We are using smaller balls to make it trickier! We will keep doing this next week. When we are in P.E. we have been assessing our partner by thinking about what they are doing well.
  • We like using our Talking Partners to help us learn.



In handwriting we have been practising the letter o! This is how we do it! Keep practising at home – especially when we join two os together!



In Reading, we read the book “Aaaarrrggghhh Spider!”. We loved reading this book! First we predicted what we thought was going to happen in the story. After we decided to find out facts about spiders. We then made fact book! Don’t they look great!?

As we enjoyed the book so much we even got to go on a spider hunt and found some real spiders! Some of us decided to make some of our own spiders too!



This week we have been learning all about teen numbers and thinking about what comes before and after! By the end of the week we were getting pretty good at this! In our groups we have been doing lots of different things, including counting up and back to 20, counting objects and saying what comes next.

We also started learning about time! Specifically the days of the week! We will move on to months of the year next week!

Other areas of the currciulum

  • We started our topic – all about animals! We read the book “Polly Jean Pyjama Queen” to help us learn about animals – this will take us a while! We got to design our own pyjamas to start of the topic and get to know the story more! We created some great looking pyjamas.
  • In P.E. we have practised our throwing and catching skills. We used beanbags to do this hoops. We also practised jumping by skipping and trying to jump two feet to two feet. To warm up we played a really fun game – we all loved it!
  • The whole school started the Building Resilience topic “Take a moment”! We will be sure to talk about when we feel up and down!

P6N – What we have been learning so far (03.09.18)


We have been busy already! In Reading, we have started to read a class novel – “Friend or Foe” by Michael Morpurgo. This is a book about WWII, specifically evacuating. In order to explore the story we made up questions to ask the main character – this allows us to understand the characters more. For example, what is your favourite place and why? and What role does your dad have in the army? We are looking forward to reading more of this!

In Writing, we have been trying to uplevel paragraphs to make it more exciting. This included sophisticated vocabulary, such as swiftly and briskly.

We also have been continuing stories. We enjoyed this. At the very beginning of term we had to reply to a letter from Mrs Nicholson describing ourselves!

In Spelling, we have been revising words from P5.

Maths and Numeracy 

We have started this year by exploring place value. This includes partitioning numbers. We are working in the hundreds of thousands, e.g. 124 897 = 100 000, 20 000, 4000, 800, 90 and 7.

In addition, we have been using Empty Number Lines to partition numbers and count in 100s/1000s.

We have also been finding our level of challenge for Beat Thats!

Health and Wellbeing

We have started our whole school Building Resilience topic – Take a Moment! This emphasises the importance of relaxing and taking care of yourself mentally.

Other areas of the curriculum 

Our topic this term is space! We have started to think about what we know and want to know…watch this space for more details!

To get to know each other we have completed All About Me posters! They explain our hobbies and likes.

We have been learning all about our class country – Nicaragua!

To assist with our class charters we have discussed being “Ready, Respectful and Safe”. We will use this to help us remember how we should be in and around the school.


Our learning this week – 24.08.18

We have had a super fun week in P2M!


This week we read a story called “Who’s Our New Teacher”. We enjoyed reading it and loved the pictures. We predicted who their next teacher would be and some of us even got it right – it was a dragon! We also thought about describing words – ways to describe the teacher. Some of them were creepy, scary, snappy, hairy and silly.

We practised the letter c in handwriting as we have started doing cursive! We found it tricky at first but most of us remembered to start on the line.



In Numeracy we have been thinking about numbers before and after. We thought this was quite tricky. We have also been trying to recognise numbers. Some of us need to practise writing our numbers the right way round.

What we have enjoyed this week:

  • reading “Who’s Our New Teacher”
  • making birthdays cards (so we can celebrate everybody’s birthday in class)
  • predicting the new teacher in Literacy
  • BEAR time – Be Excited About Reading (we read every day after lunch)
  • handwriting
  • making lemurs for our class display