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P5T What we have been learning this week 15.11.19

We’ve had such a busy week with assembly! We loved performing it this morning for the parents/carers etc. Was lovely to see so many people there – thanks for coming!

Please see our Reflective Friday reflections below to see what we have been learning and our spelling words.









P5T are one of the classes in school to take part in the Sumdog pilot until Christmas. We have just started using this today so if you get a chance at home then please try to log on too!


Have a lovely weekend.



P5T Reflective Friday 8.11.19

It has been a busy week in Primary 5 this week!

In Literacy this week…


In Reading we started our new group books. We also analysed a music video. We were to answer questions to show our understanding.

Our rule this week in Spelling was “tion” to sound like “shun” SPELLING P5 WEEK 10 1

We use the Edinburgh Sound Chart to sound out the words. This shows us that there are different ways to say the same sound.


Activities to do at home –

  • See spelling document
  • Make notes for a programme you watch (think of the mindmaps we were making.


In Maths and Numeracy…


Things to do at home:

  • Randomly ask the time – say it in 2 different ways
  • Try to find the area using our formula (Area = Length x Breadth) for things around the house.


Other Areas of the Curriculum


  • We started practising our assembly! You are in for treat next Friday!
  • In P.E. we looked at volleyball rules. We are learning new skills.



P2WG Learning 11.10.19

We have been busy in P2WG this week.



  • In Spelling we have been learning about oa and ow. Some words for oa are: soap, oats, boat, oar, float, goat, loaf, toast, roast. Some words for ow are: show, sow, flow, slow, low and glow.
  • We have been learning how to write a super sentence! We need to include a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. We use our polishing pencil to make super sentences.
  • We are reading Polly Jean Pyjama Queen. We love it!
  • We were designing front/back covers for our books.

Things to do at home

– try to write super sentences. Remember your capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.

– design a front cover for a book you are reading at home. Think about what happens in the story.


  • We are learning about doubles. For example we know that 6 +6 = 12. This is double 6.
  • We have also been learning our number bonds to 10, 20 and even 100. We know that 5+ 5 = 10, 10 + 10 = 20 and 50 + 50 = 100.
  • We have been learning how to copy patterns.

Things to do at home

– practise number bonds by saying/choosing a number from cards then quickly saying the other number to complete the number bond. This could be a race against someone else!

-make up your own patterns for someone to copy.

-use things you find at home/in the garden to make patterns.

Other areas

  • We have been learning all about habitats. We know this is an animals home.
  • We enjoyed our last signing session. We liked the Scottish songs we sang and were able to keep the beat.