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P5H – What we have been learning this week 21.02.20


In Spelling, our rule is soft g. We know when the vowels i, e and y follow a g it becomes soft. Please see the document for the list and suggested activities.


In Writing, we created our own character using a description. We had to include what they looked like, their personality and how they change in the story. We had to use adjectives.

In Reading, we are nearly finished our novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles.  We focussed on thinking about the main event in the story and why it was the main event using evidence from the book.

In Handwriting, we are trying to use cursive in a neat, joined and consistent way.

Activities to do at home:

Think about something you are reading – what was the important part and why (try to give evidence from the story)

Look at the spelling words

Make a new character and describe it!

Maths and Numeracy 

In Numeracy we revised our operations ( +, – , x and /) to see how we were getting on. We are going to try to do lots of different strategies to solve problems.

We also continued our multiplication work to try to be able to recall our times tables quickly and accurately by playing games.

Activities to do at home: (practise mental maths through the countdown game)


Times tables practice (can do this orally easily)

Other areas of the curriculum 

  • In P.E we were learning how to perform different balances. We used ipads to see how we could improve.
  • We learnt about being safe on the internet and how our “internet identity” looks.
  • In Art, we evaluated Arcimboldo’s work. We though some his work was pretty cool as he used fruit, vegetables, books, fish and flowers to create portraits.
  • In Mandarin, we learnt about Chinese animals.

Buckstone’s Got Talent and Winter Fair


P5 will be holding auditions for anyone in P5 who would like to go through to the Buckstone’s Got Talent competition. The auditions will take place on Wednesday 19 February and following on from this audition two acts from P5 will take part in the whole school audition on Thursday 20 February. The acts can be dancing, singing, telling jokes, reciting poems, magic, juggling or any other skill or talent your child would like to share.


Winter Fair

The Winter Fair is on Saturday 22nd. We are looking for donations for the hamper. If you have already donated then please don’t feel you have to donate again! If you would like to then please bring in any donations the first week back. Our theme is International. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

P5T – What we have been learning this week 31.01.20


In Spelling this week we have been learning about “dge” that sounds like j. Please the attached document for the word lists. We were creating sentences using our spelling words.

In Reading we have been learning how to take notes on what we have read. We know we can’t write in too much detail as this wouldn’t be in note form!

In Writing, we continued to learn to write poems. We had to consider our presentation and layout of the poem including using verses.

Things to do at home:

See spelling document

Take notes when watching a television programme and share them with the class

Write your own poem

When reading, draw the main event from the story and say why it important


Maths and Numeracy

In Maths and Numeracy we continued our money focus by learning how to add and subtract money in written form. We know we have to remember the £ and pence, you need to line up the digits correctly and  remember the decimal point.

We have been practising our times tables by creating visual posters to help us and making up times tables games to allow us to recall them quickly and accurately. We have also been practising them in written form.


Things to do at home: 


Practise times table everywhere!

Look at the different cards, money etc you come across

Try to look at different currencies


Other areas of the curriculum:

  • We made posters for the Edinburgh Dog and Cat home. Please see previous for information
  • In PE we practised the Canadian Barn Dance and learn the Flying Scotsman
  • In ICT we were learning how to use Excel. It was very fun.




P5T What we have been learning this week 24.01.20


In Writing, we continued to create poems. We considered the layout of the poem as well as trying to make it rhyme (some of us even included some humour).

In Reading, we continued the class novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. We were answering questions and using the text to find evidence for our answers.

To prepare for Burns we practised our poems. We had to try to get the attention of our audience, we had to use the correct tone and we had to make sure we were loud so everyone could hear.

In Spelling, we continued to revise words we found tricky (see previous posts for spelling words). Some of us used the ipads to research words with the same rule/sound.

Things to do at home:

research different poems and bring in any of your favourite poems

write a poem to share with the class

keep practising spelling words at home


Maths and Numeracy 

We have been practising the times table as well as trying to show our knowledge through written form (e.g. 32 x 4). Ask your child how we lay this out. Our aim is to learn them so we can say them quickly and accurately (in a flash!).

We started our work on Money. We looked at a cash machine and discussed how to use one as well as create questions on what we would like to cover. Lots of us wanted to find out more about currency so if you have any currency at home then please bring them in to share – we won’t spend them! We will begin to look at budgeting next week.

Things to do at home:


Practise your times tables (you can do this anywhere!)

Pay more attention to money – when you are out and about

Play times tables bingo with people at home


Other areas of the curriculum 

  • We enjoyed the Scots Gathering today. There was a wide range of acts. We were very much entertained.
  • We continued our work on Scottish Dancing. We are learning the Gay Gordons and the Canadian Barn Dance.
  • We were learning all about Chinese New Year and the legend of the lion.

P5T – What we have been learning this week 17.01.20


In Literacy we have been studying Robert Burns’ poems. This inspired us to begin to write our own. We were able to choose our own topic of poem as well as write about climate change. In the poems we had to include a simile (e.g. my heart is like a red, red rose) and a verb (a doing word).

In Spelling we were revising previous words (please see old posts to check the words). We will continue to do this next week.

Things to do at home:

Keep practising your Scottish poem for the competition

Create your own poems



Maths and Numeracy 

We have been learning about coordinates. We know that the grid has an x axis (along the corridor) and a y axis (up the stairs). We can plot and read coordinates and can even create shapes using coordinates. We always read the x axis then the y axis. When writing coordinates we must include brackets and a comma e.g. (7, 4).

We have been learning how to multiply in written form. Some of us even managed to multiply a three digit number by a three digit. We need to keep practising our times tables so we can quickly and accurately answer questions.

Things to do at home 

  • Practise all times tables
  • Sumdog

Other areas of the curriculum 

  • We have been learning about Scottish Country Dancing. We have learnt the Gay Gordons. We had to work with a partner and follow the beat.
  • We are leading our own Skills Time to develop not only our skills (in football and art) but to develop our leadership.
  • We enjoyed Mandarin. We listened to a story “The Rat Wedding”.










Our week in P5M

Hello and a warm welcome back from Mrs Nicholson and Mrs McFarlane!

We have enjoyed getting to know all of the boys and girls and cannot wait to get stuck into all of the new learning this term!

Our Learning this Week


This week we have been practising our times tables.  We have all completed a self-assessment, to inform us of which times tables we need to work on.  Please reinforce these at home.

We have been using our knowledge of the times tables facts to complete written calculations using the column (chimney) method.  We hope to move onto other written methods soon.

For an explanation of the column method – follow this link:

We have been playing some games to help us learn our times table facts.  Here is one that you can play at home.

Times Tables War

This card game for two players helps students practice multiplying quickly, as the first person to  say the product wins the cards.

You’ll need a deck of playing cards with the face cards removed. (This game provides practice through 10s. To practice multiplication by 11 and 12, include the jacks and queens. The jacks represent 11 and queens represent 12.) An ace represents one.

Shuffle the cards and divide them evenly between the two players. Each player holds their cards in a pile, front down. At the same time, they flip over the top card. The first person to say the correct product of the two numbers wins both cards. If players tie in saying the correct product, each player keeps their card.

Play continues until one player has all the cards or until a designated time is up.

Hit the Button and Times Table Mountain are games that will help us to learn our times table facts.  They also have the related division facts which can be practised by children who are confident with their times tables.


Beat That’s – we revisited our ‘Beat That’s’, these are a mixture of addition and subtraction questions that we practice every week under timed conditions.  The children self-assessed their own work to decide which level of Beat That’s they would like to work on.


We have also been reinforcing our addition and subtraction skills using money.




We have been focussing on the works of Rabbie Burns in the lead up to a celebration assembly.  Each child has been issued with a poem to learn at home.  These poems will be recited in class next week, some children will be chosen to recite their poem at the assembly.

In writing we wrote a descriptive paragraph of a winter scene.  The focus was on using a variety of sentence openers and descriptive vocabulary. We tried to focus on QUALITY over quantity.

We also began a novel study based on the book ‘Invasion’.  We spent some time finding out about historical stories to understand that they are often based on facts but also contain elements of fiction.  This story is based on the Norman Conquest so we had to find out what events provoked this event.

Optional:  Can you find out more about the Norman Conquest?  Can you find any other examples of historical novels?

We revised the spelling pattern add ves to words ending in f to make the plural. e.g. thief – thieves.


knife                     knives

scarf                     scarves

loaf                       loaves

sheaf                    sheaves

leaf                       leaves

calf                       calves

half                       halves

herself                  themselves

myself                   ourselves

thief                     thieves



ever                      never


Other Curricular Areas


In line with our Scottish theme we practised some Scottish dancing during our PE time.  This week we learned the Gay Gordons.


We looked at some everyday items which were invented by Scottish inventors.  We are looking forward to learning more about Scottish inventors in the coming weeks.


And finally…

We have been learning about a Scottish artist called Gillian Kyle.  She uses famous Scottish food brands such as MacSweens and Irn Bru in her works.  We wrote to Tunnocks who have kindly donated some Teacakes and Caramel Wafers to help us with our art… we will also be enjoying these tasty treats.

Please complete the permission slip that went home by Monday 20th January. 


tunnocks permission slip