P5M – What we have been learning this week 30.10.20

Happy Halloween!


In literacy this week we have been further developing our descriptive writing skills. We loved using all the writing skills we have been learning to describe ‘The Witch’ from the film Witches. We worked in pairs to create mind maps with good descriptive ‘WOW’ words about her appearance, her smell, her voice and her personality. We then used this to write fantastic descriptive paragraphs.

In reading we looked at a passage telling us all about the history of Halloween. We focused on picking out key information to answer questions about the passage. We also practised highlighting key information and taking notes in our own words. We used mind maps and bullet points to do this.

We spent time this week learning our new spelling rule of adding the suffix’s full and less to a root word. For example, care + less = careless and power + full = powerful.

Things to do at home –

See the progress record for this week’s reading pages. Try summarising the main events of what you read to someone at home, focusing on key events

Think about how the characters are described in your reading books (school or personal). Can you picture them in your head? What good wow words and phrases did the author use to describe them?

Please see spelling document posted on Monday

Maths and Numeracy

This week in numeracy we have been focusing on using a chimney sum for subtraction up to 3-digits with exchanging. We have been practising this all throughout the week and will continue to work on this next week. We also used all our maths skills that we have been practising to solve the problem of the missing pumpkins.

We learned how to calculate the area of squares and rectangles using: area = length x breadth.

Things to do at home –


Practise subtracting one number from another both in your head and using the chimney sum strategy

Other curricular areas

  • In our Free the Forest topic this week we have been discussing what deforestation is and the different reasons for it happening, such as; logging, commercial farming, subsidence farming and road building
  • P5M enjoyed making 3D pumpkins and going on our pumpkin trail around the school

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mangan