P6NM Week Beginning 27.10.20

**Please bring in a palm sized pebble on Monday.  We are going to be painting these next week.**

It was great to see everyone back after the October break. Here is a summary of our learning in P6NM this week.


  • We read more of our novel Friend or Foe. We focussed on how the author uses dialogue to show us what different characters are like.  We also explored how Michael Morpurgo created a sense of danger and excitement. 
  • We watched an video clip titled ‘How wolves change rivers’. We made notes on the interesting facts and used these to create leaflets.  

Opportunities for home learning:

  • Do some independent research on a topic that interests you. Develop your note taking skills to show your understanding of the information. Remember only to write the key words which are important.
  • When reading, think about how the author creates excitement and drama. What techniques do they use? (Think about the types of words and sentences they use.)


In maths we revised the chimney method of multiplication.

Here is a link which demonstrates this (it is the first one which is called short multiplication).


We then moved on to think about how to multiply a number by a multiple of ten (20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90).

For example 70 x 364, 40 x 213 or 50 x 975.

We did lots of examples to demonstrate that when you multiply by a multiple of ten you move all the digits one place to the left and put a zero in the empty space.

Opportunities for home learning:

  • Write out 7 x 264 using the formal layout that we have been working on this week. Explain to someone at home the steps you took to solve it.
  • Use the digits 5, 6, 7 and 8 to create a list of 1 digit x 3 digit sums, then solve them.  For example 5 x 678    6 x 758   8 x 675
  • Try some sums involving multiples of ten. For example, 30 x 212. Lay it out as shown in the picture above.
  • Revise your times tables and increase your speed and accuracy by completing the ‘Daily 10’ or Hit the Button on Top Marks.


Other areas of the curriculum:

  • In assembly we focussed on keeping ourselves safe on Bonfire Night.
  • We enjoyed the Pumpkin trail and French with Mrs Bailey on Friday.
  • We enjoyed being outdoors and making spider webs with wool and sticks.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs McFarlane