P4H’s learning this week 25/9/20

It may have been a short week but we have managed to pack a full curriculum of learning into the week.

Reading . We have continued to read and discuss the stories. We predict and reflect on the events in our books.We spotted adjectives as we were reading.


We have been learning about the ed rule and discussing past tense. We add ed If the root contains a short vowel and 2 consonants or if root contains long vowels.

We listened to the sound ed can make. There are 3 sounds t /d /ed

Super/Fantastic helped, thanked,jumped,haunted,enjoyed,planted,painted,warmed reached, granted

Spectacular murdered, explained m haunted, gasped, fainted,stranded , clamped, tramped, happened , recieved

Tricky words ….. their and there …..and we found them very tricky!

We continued to practise cursive handwriting.

In the Storm we tried to imagine what the main people were feeling and thinking. We practiced showing feelings

We made a list of adjectives which we found useful.

We were news reporters and wrote about what we had been doing on the holiday weekend.We had to use adjectives aswell as the non negotiables.

Home learning ideas Practice using both there and their in sentences

Find out more about adjectives ……



We were learning more about probability and chance. We had to read problems and solve them We rolled a dice and predicted which number would come up the most . Some of us got it right.

We looked at number story families e. 3+4=7 4+3=7 7-3=4 7-3=4

Mental agility

We had to recalling number facts quickly

Practicing 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Doubling 2 and 3-digit numbers.

Home learning ideas


Make up some number stories . As an extra challenge try numbers up to 20 and beyond

Practice writing 3 and 4 digit numbers and writing them in words.

Try this probability game


Other areas of the curriculum


We looked at a world map in an Atlas. We had to find Scotland and discovered it is tiny. We found continents and labelled a map.

Home learning Look up a map and try to find Scotland , Europe , Africa , USA, Asia , S America

Drama We worked in groups. We had to do a freeze frame of a scene in the Storm. We talked about expressions and how that shows how someone feels.

PE We used our equipment and did relay races and games in teams. We also developed our fitness

Music We clapped rhythmns and we got into groups to make our own rhymns

Outdoor Learning

We were able to go into the Loose Parts shed. We had to set up a station in a group and choose our equipment and then develop it . We were problem solving. It was fantastic fun!

Have a lovely weekend

from P4H and Ms Hastie.