P4H’s Learning 2.4.21

Here we are at the last day of what has been a very different term. Thank you again for all the support over the weeks.

This week’s learning has been centred around Easter. We have explored the Easter story through activities across the curriculum using cartoon strips, word searches, videos ,quizes and science.

We also have had fun playing Chinese Whispers.

Today we had a few pranks for April Fool’s Day!! It was funny!

Enjoy the Easter holidays . School returns on Tuesday 20th April

The highlight was our STEM challenge to create a parachute for an egg. We designed , constructed , modified, reflected, adjusted and finally created a parachute with a carrier for an egg, Then we tested them outside. We worked in groups or on our own . It was fun but a challenge.

Here we are in stages .

Stage 2 We tested them before we modified them

Stage 3 Then we went outside to launch them

Have a lovely Easter holiday!

by P4H and Ms Hastie