Week beginning 29.3.21

Thank you for all your hard work this term P7, both at home and back at school. Have a lovely, relaxing holiday 🙂

Miss Collyns


In literacy we wrote a myth about defeating a mythical monster. It had to include setting, quest, hero, dilemma, beast and ending. We read the fifth chapter of Coraline and answered comprehension questions.

We did spelling. Our spelling pattern was how to plural words that end in f, ff or fe. If it ends in one f or fe then you change it to ves. It was our last week of our literature circle books.


In maths we did problem solving with our learning partners. We practiced our money skills like budgeting, calculating discounts, profit and loss, and 4 operations. We did an assessment on money.

Health and Wellbeing

In PE we did circuits. We learnt about equality, diversity, racism and discrimination. We thought about how we can make Buckstone as inclusive to everyone as possible.


We learnt about Holi which is the festival of colour and we made Holi art.


We learnt about Propaganda that was used in WW2 and created our own propaganda posters.

Home Learning

We could type up our myths (some of us took them home to finish)

We could research more about WW2

We could practice our times tables