P1 Tigers Reflective Thursday 1st April

We made it! We had an amazing term. It was been a different one as we started learning from home but we were lucky to come back to school and we had a great time learning together.

This is this week’s learning:


This week we have been learning three initial blends: fl, gl and pl. Our tricky words were do and as, now we have worked on all the tricky words from block 2. We have sent home a sheet with the words the children could work at home.

For fl we did flying kites. We took our kites outside and they flew!

We also played with flour!

For gl we did glittery glasses.

We played with gloop.

For pl we did plates with pl words.

This week our writing focus has been writing about chicks.

We have continued to work on our reading books at school. We are working on different reading skills not only decoding and blending: fluency, comprehension, inference, making connections, synthetizing, increasing vocabulary, working memory and attention. Remember that this week our reading books will not go home.

Home Learning ideas

  • Practice this week’s sounds:
  • Continue to practice building words and reading words with the sounds worked on so far.
  • Practice the tricky words that your child has taken home today on his/her purple folder.


We have been learning about Position and Movement. We are learning to use simple directions and describe positions in games in movement, games and using technology. We have learned to programme Bee Bots and to use the Bee Bots app i our iPads.

We have continued to work on our numeracy skills using our SEAL programme. We have been working on sharing equally, ordering numbers, addition with a missing addend, etc.

Home learning ideas

  • Continue to practice number recognition, counting skills.

Other areas


We have learned about the Easter Story. We are becoming aware of the importance of celebrations, festivals and customs in Christian people’s lives.


We have been singing outdoors with Charlie. We have also done two online sessions with Sarah from Sing for Smiles.

Outdoor Learning

We have created patterns working in pairs. We used masking tape to create different patterns and colour them in with wet chalk. It was great to see how the children worked together and praised each other.

Independent Learning


All children took home today a sheet with the tricky words that they should be working on ( reading and writing), please feel free to work on these.

All children are taking home their spare clothes in a labelled bag, please return this bag next term so we can continue to use them.

We hope you all have a lovely break.

Looking forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 20th April.

Thank you for all your support during this term with your children’s learning. You all did a great job during the Learning at Home period!

Have a wonderful time,

Mrs Cross and Mrs de Bonrostro