Happy Easter P1L!

Happy Easter P1L!

Well done everyone with another term of Primary 1! You are growing and becoming such wonderful learners and I am so proud of you! This term has been usual but we have had lots of fun together both in the classroom and online!

Here is what we have been up to this week:


In literacy this week we learned two new sounds – ‘fl’ ‘gl’ and ‘pl’. We enjoyed thinking of words which have the sounds in them, looking for words in our reading books and drawing pictures of words which have the sounds in them. We also have been practicing to read and write our Block 2 tricky words. Please continue to practice your tricky words at home and our new sounds each week. I have sent home a sheet with words which your child needs to practice writing by memory – any practice of these would be beneficial. Here are some videos we use in school which you could watch again at home.

Things to try at home:

  • Practice reading and writing both Block 1 and Block 2 tricky words to memory. You could make flash cards, write them using chalk, make them out of pasta, draw them in sand, flour, paint etc..
  • Read for fun! Read anything – books, magazines, newspapers. Sound out words you don’t know and have a guess using your knowledge of sounds before asking for help.
  • Write a diary of your Easter holidays. Draw a picture of something fun you do each day and write a sentence describing what you did. Can you use any descriptive language? Can you join two short sentences together with ‘and’ or give more detail with ‘because’.


In Numeracy we had a revision week of areas in SEAL we need more practice on. These included writing arrays, counting jumps between numbers, number bonds to 10 and 20, addition and describing and making equal groups.

We continued our maths topic of Positional Language and Movement. We continued to practice giving other people directions and playing games in P.E.

We also enjoyed doing Easter themed maths activities.

Things to try at home:

  • Practice counting forwards and backwards to 30. (Up to 100 for an extra challenge.)
  • Saying numbers before and after in the range to 30. (Up to 100 for an extra challenge.) Try saying the next two or three numbers forwards and backwards!
  • Making and diving items into equal groups. You could use pens, sticks, stones, toys. Whatever you can find!
  • Look for numbers in your local community when you are outside! What is 2 more, 5 more or even 10 more!

Other Curricular Areas

P.E: We used our maths focus of positional language to help us in P.E this week.

Art: We talked about spring and made spring pictures of trees with blossom on them!

Music: We enjoyed having our online music lessons where we talked about different musical instruments we could play, clapping along to the beat of songs and listening to the music as it got louder and quieter, faster and slower. Thank you to the music specialist for the wonderful online opportunity!

Handwriting: We took handwriting outside this week and used chalks to practice our cursive letter formation.

RME: We learned about the Easter story this week and had a discussion about what the story means for Christians.

French: We have been learning how to count to 10 in french and basic greetings. We also have been learning the days of the week and how to say ‘Today it is..’ We also learned how to say my name is and practised introducing ourselves to a partner. We are really enjoying learning French with Ms Leach!

Here are some photos of our learning this week:

Happy Holidays!

  • Ms Leach will be teaching the class on the first Tuesday back after the holidays.
  • P.E will be on Thursday that week.

I hope you have a lovely holiday! Stay safe, have fun and I look forward to seeing you after the break!

Miss McGillivray