P4H’s Learning 16/10/20

Another busy week in P4H bringing this very different term to end, I have been really impressed with the way that the children have settled into our new normal and worked together as a class team. Thank you for your understanding at the beginning with the constant changes. After 10 weeks I think we are all ready for a holiday . I hope you all have a lovely Half Term

As usual today’s blog is compiled with P4H based on their reflections of the week


We looked at ar/or words where you need to sound out each letter.

Super/Fantastic yard,shark,artist,alarm,carve,cork,forty,orbit,horse,sharp

Spectacular alarmed, enlarged,artistic, corkscrew,information,fortieth, uniform

Tricky words little , only

Home learning

I have attached the 100 high frequency words to practice

Storm .It is becoming very exciting and we have been looking at the way the author uses adjectives to create the atmosphere. We talked in partners and groups trying to predict what will happen next We have looked at the text and talked about whether the Highwayman is really a ghost.The book has really got us thinking, It is a real mystery with exciting twists. We are all enjoying it.

We continued working on adjectives .We substituted words for more powerful adjectives which makes sentences more interesting.

Home learning Think of powerful adjectives for big, small, nice, old, fast,hard ,angry,good

It is Autumn so we looked for signs outside and found out information by reading texts. We pretended to be detectives again looking for the answers to questions in the texts.


We continued to learn how to round numbers up and down to the nearest 10. We remembered that numbers up to 4 round down and from 5 -9 round up. As a challenge we tried rounding to nearest 100

We used our addition and subtraction skills in rounding too. We had to estimate .

We practised the 3 times table and tried to do sums out of sequence

We did Autumn number puzzles. We had to do addition and subtraction.

Home learning

Rounding -use the digits from a phone number or any long number.. Write as many 3-digit numbers as you can. They round each of these numbers to the nearest 10 and record them like this: 486 → 490

IDL We looked at the landmarks in Scotland . Some of us had visited them. We labeled a map and found out the names of the islands and seas around Scotland .

Art Our class novel is a funny story about Nessie. We looked at photos and clips of possible sightings of the Loch Ness monster and drew our own pictures using pastels

PE We set up fitness stations and worked at each for 30 secs. It was quite hard but fun when it started to rain.

Outdoor Learning. We looked for signs of Autumn. We worked in groups to play colour bingo searching for natural objects to match the colours on our sheet. We did a scavenger hunt for things on our list.

Lunchtime Chats At lunch we have to stay in our own seats to keep in the guidelines. Mrs Tulloch has been telling us an interesting fact every day like things about earthquakes and explosions in WW1.. We all enjoy learning these facts while we are eating.

Home learning Can you tell someone the interesting facts?

Have a great holiday

from P4H and Ms Hastie