P5B Reflective Friday 16.10.20

Good afternoon everyone.


Our spelling pattern

  • We were adding er / est to an adjective ending in y to compare 2 things, We have to change y to i and add er / est (windy = windier)

Here are the words

cheekier                sunniest

stormier                 sleepiest

luckier                   sturdiest

unhappiest            messier

craziest                  angrier

Our tricky words were

people                      because

We continued to work on our descriptive skills this week for writing. We created a paragraph about our favourite place. We learned about how using effective openers can improve our writing.

We also continued working on the skills of taking notes, we have been researching and learning about Black history month, this week we looked at the importance of Rosa Parks. We took notes from a piece of reading and a video. From our notes we created an information poster to show our understanding.

Ideas for home learning

Research further about Black history month and find out about important people who helped contribute to or change society.


We started working on the column method for subtraction and began exchanging or borrowing when the larger number was on the bottom of the sum. Here is a video to remind us.


We have been learning more about shape and worked on calculating the area of a flat shape. We used the formula Length x Breadth = Area. We spoke about how useful this measurement is for life outside school.

Ideas for home learning

Work on finding the area of a right angle triangle by halving the formula above. We started this so you could work on it.

Have a fantastic holiday week

Mr Bothamley