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P5B Reflective Friday 21.2

Good afternoon

Here are our reflections, this week we discussed them as usual in class but two of our pupils typed their own version.


We finished learning the 8 times table and started the 7x table. We participated in a sumdog competition to help us with our times tables.

How did we learn

We completed a couple of pages in our jotters using the algorithm sum and we also did a maths mosaic as well and we used I.C.T games to help


We learned the soft g spelling rule and created a wordsearch to help us. We also described a dragon we created. To do this we used the skills we learned in using figurative language, such as similes, metaphors and personification.

How did we learn

We used Mr Bothamleys example and found all the figurative language, WOW words and excellent openers. Then we got to help make his better.

Our spelling rule was

  • Soft g rule – soft g says j when followed by e, i, or y.

average         recharge

exchange       gentle

legend            agent

digest             energetic

stranger          engine

engineer          gymnast

Have a great weekend everyone.

P5B Reflective Friday 31.1

Good afternoon

Here are our reflections from the week.

Our spelling rule was

  • Soft g in final position is always made with the letters ge and not j.
  • To keep the vowel in front short insert d

Tip:  Defensive d defends the vowel to keep it short

badge         ridge

grudge        lodger

badger        judges

midges        gadget

budget        hedgehog


Have a great weekend

Primary 5 Charity – Edinburgh Cat and Dog home

Good morning

Primary 5 picked the Edinburgh cat and dog home as our charity for this year. We are looking for any donations of food, dry or wet, treats, toys, food or water bowls, used leads for dogs and poop bags.

Please could you send any donations in by next Wednesday and P5 will collect them. A member of staff from the home will be working with P5 next Thursday and will take them away then.

Thank you in advance from all of P5.

I have included the link to their website.

Have a great weekend

P5B Reflective Friday 24.1

Good afternoon

Here are our reflections from the week.

Our spelling rule was

  • To change a word ending in y to plural change the y to i and add es.
  • If the letter before the y in the singular word is a vowel, simply add s.

lorry                     lorries

army                     armies

injury                   injuries

family                   families

lady                      ladies

reply                     replies

tray                      trays

monkey                monkeys

holiday                 holidays


Your challenge this week is to focus on your 6 x table, I would like us all to be able to recite it quickly and accurately. I will give a speed challenge test next week.

Have a great weekend

P5B Reflective Friday 17.1

Good afternoon

Here are our reflections from the week.

Our spelling rule was

  • When a word ends with an f sound, change the f to v before adding es
  • We also looked at what the meaning of singular and plural in relation to the words.

e.g.    loaf  =  loav + es = loaves

knife                     knives

scarf                     scarves

loaf                       loaves

leaf                       leaves

calf                       calves

half                       halves

herself                  themselves

myself                  ourselves


I have set two challenges on Sumdog, both are covering the work we have started in money. You can choose which one you would like to do, or you can do both. The decimal points challenge is more difficult.

Reflective Friday

Have a lovely weekend

P5 Scots Poetry

Good afternoon

As part of our focus on Scotland in January, P5 are looking at the works of Robert Burns. For our reading homework this week we would like the children to learn a poem. We have shown the children four examples of his poetry. These are

A mans a man

My love is like a red red rose

My hearts in the highlands

To a mouse

The children can choose one of these to learn, or any other Scots poem they may know. Next week from Tuesday we will ask the children to recite their poem to the class. We have spoken about all the important parts of talking and listening which will help in their recital.

I have attached the link to the BBC burns site which has the words and some celebrities reciting the four poems.

Good luck to everyone, we cant wait to hear them.


P5B Reflective Friday 13.12

Good morning

Here are our reflections from the week.

Our spelling rule was

      • ous says us in the final syllable
      • We have focused again on the breaking up of words into syllables as a spelling strategy

      e.g.    tre / men /  dous

Our words were

nervous               jealous

poisonous          enormous

tremendous       famous

dangerous         numerous

generous           miraculous


Have a lovely weekend

P5B Reflective Friday 29.11

Good morning

Here are our reflections from the week.

Our spelling rule was

    • tion says shun in the final syllable. This is the most regularly used spelling of the sound shun as a final syllable.
    • We also practised breaking words up into syllables as a spelling strategy.

    e.g. de / struc / tion          op / er / a / tion

Our words were

action               fiction

invention        inspection

destruction     nation

situation          operation

education        invitation


We began revising our times tables today and started with the 5. I would like you to practice your 2, 5 and 10 times tables at home so you know them off by heart by next week. I have set a SUMDOG challenge to help you. Good luck.

Have a lovely weekend

Christmas Hampers

Christmas Fair Hampers

As you will know the Christmas Fair is fast approaching. We have been asked by the Parent Council to collect items to make a hamper for the raffle. Our hamper’s theme is International. From Monday we will be collecting items in class to put in our hamper. We would very much appreciate any donations of anything with an international theme.

Many thanks for your support

P5B Reflective Friday 22.11

Good morning

Here are our reflections from the week.

Our spelling rule was

  • Suffix ful / less
  • When suffixing with full, one l has to be dropped = ful
  • These suffixes both begin with consonants and therefore the root words do not change.

Our words were

wasteful                         wastefulness

useful                             usefulness

graceful                          gracefulness

tearful                            tearfulness

truthful                           truthfulness

forgetful                         forgetfulness

thoughtful                      thoughtfulness

respectful                       respectfulness


I have set a SUMDOG challenge on symmetry for everyone to have a go at for home learning. Good luck.

Have a lovely weekend