P5B Reflective Friday 18.09

Hope you have all had a lovely long weekend, my apologies for our reflections being delayed this week. I had some ICT issues on Friday.


Our spelling pattern was

  • Suffixing ing / ed to root words ending in consonant + y.
  • When suffixing with ing the root word does not change.
  • When suffixing with ed change y to i then add ed

crying                             cried

trying                             tried

pitying                           pitied

studying                         studied

burying                          buried

applying                         applied

We concentrated on our descriptive skills this week for writing. We created a paragraph about a picture and thought about how we could use up levelled vocabulary to improve them.

We also began to learn about the skills of taking notes, we used a piece of reading about our sight and took notes of what information we thought was important.

Ideas for home learning

Writing really basic sentences and then using our editing skills to up level and improve the sentence.


We continued to work on understanding the value of digits in numbers up to 100,000, we looked at what ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ mean and used the appropriate symbols to help us.

We have been learning more about 3D objects. We were looking at the properties of different shapes by using real life objects and also P.E to help us.

Ideas for home learning


Other areas

We started looking at the work of the famous artist, Henri Rousseau. We discussed how his work really fits in with our environment topic. We practised our sketching skills using plants and trees as a key feature.

We were learning how to use Microsoft Teams.

Mr Bothamley