P6J Class Blog 16.10.20

We said a fond goodbye to Josie this week and wish her well at her new school.

Here is a summary of our learning this week: 

This was written by Anna and Zoe 

Literacy- What we have done this week:  

We wrote a story inspired by a picture and used lots of sentence openers. We also did a reading comprehension about Usain Bolt related to our learning about Black History Month.  

We have finished our Literature Circle books so there is no reading over the holidays. 


Home Learning Ideas:

  • Write an autobiography and practice any tricky spelling words. 



This week in Numeracy we have been doing long multiplication sums like 31 x 680 in a traditional sum, (here is a video https://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/multiplication-long.html also we have been practising division and expressing remainders as decimals.  

In order learning we also did a very old game called Nine Men’s Morris. 

We also started Numeracy Ninjas to practise times tables and key maths skills. 


Home learning: 

  • Topmarks  
  • Practice memorising times tables  
  • Teach someone the Nine Men’s Morris game. 



We have been using an atlas to help us work out capital cities.  We have been getting really good at atlas work. 

In P.E. we did the beep test.  Some of us are now on level 11. 

Also in P.E. The last group did their fitness program it was very great. 

We have started using Plicker cards to check in with our learning. 


   Have a good October Holiday!