P4H’s learning 14.5.21

This week the emphasis has been on healthy living and we have enjoyed developing our understanding through a variety of activities in Health Week..

We have also carried on learning across the curriculum.

Today’s Blog has been complied together by P4H

Spelling for week beginning 17th May

Silent ‘k’ followed by ‘n’ – kn

and remembering that plurals change ‘f’ to ‘v’ before adding ‘es’ – knife – knives












know   no

We wrote stories using a suitcase as a starting point. We thought about characters, setting , time, and what happened. We used our imaginations .It was part of Big Writing. We remembered to use punctuation and tried to include interesting adjectives ,connectives and openers.


We set our reading target together in our groups and discussed the story so far..

We continued our class novel. the Titanic Detective Agency and have learnt about 2 of the main characters, Bertha and Johan . By looking for clues in the text we have built up an idea of their class, their family, where they have come from and why they were going to USA.


We developed our division skills and shared objects equally in groups. We made links between the tables.
e.g 2 x 5 =10. 10:- 2 =5 10 :- 5 =2

We divided the stations of the 2 and 3 times tables equally, without remainders, using our knowledge of multiplication facts. We made the link

Some challenged themselves even further with the 6 times table .

Choose your level



Practice your tables recall and division skills with


Outdoor Learning

We used natural objects to practise division.

Health Week

Mrs Murray told us all about First Aid and we learned what to do if someone was cut, choking, had a head injury , burns, bleeding, broken bones. She also told us how to use first aid

We talked about Healthy diets and how to look after ourselves safely.

We talked about our bodies and what we could see on the outside. We measured our height and our shoe size. We realised we are all different.


We learned the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset

A fixed mindset avoids challenges, gives up easily, gets frustrated and ignores feedback and feels threateneed by others’ success

A growth mindset never gives up, takes on challenges, learns from others’ successes. It is good to have a growth mindset .

Home Learning Explain what the power of yet is about


We looked at what makes a good runner and discovered with was our best foot for a standing start. We improved our technique.

We found out that using your arms helped you jump further as it pushes your weight forward. We learned how to mark how far you have jumped.

We practised for the “sports” at the Waterboard Field

At the Waterboard Field Mr Segall set up 4 stations. We divided into 4 groups and went round the 4 stations

They were shuttle run, speed bounce, target throwing and standing long jump. We had about 6 minutes at each. At the end we took part in running and obstacle relays.

Photos to follow next week!


We explored the lives of the passengers . We learned that there were different classes in 1912 and that people were not treated equally. Some children had to leave school to go to work as the family needed money.

We found out what it was like living in Belfast in a ship builder’s family in 1910.

We researched how the ship was divided and discovered the Upper classes had the most space and the crew had the least.

Have a good weekend!

P4H and Ms Hastie