Week beginning 10.5.21

We have started thinking about costumes for our show – please get in touch if you are not sure what is needed or if you need help sourcing anything.

Homework is due on Monday – one task was to be completed from each box and uploaded to the ‘Homework’ file on Teams. The grid is also in the homework file if you need it.

We had a fabulous Sports Day (photos coming next week) as a class!

Miss Collyns


This week we practised using speech correctly in our writing. We wrote a short story with a conversation between two people. Our spelling rule was words that end in ible and able. We did Literature Circles. We also did some Coraline comprehension.

Here is Iggy’s guide to using speech marks:


We did some more work on algebra this week. We looked at word problems and we also did an algebra assessment. Some of us also worked on expanding brackets. We also did problem solving and a maths mystery.

Other Areas

We have started practising our P7 show!

We got put into teams and had to make something out of the loose parts. We had to use our teamwork, communication and co-operation skills.

In PE we did a capture the flag tournament and we did a daily mile and played football. We also had Sports Day at Waterboard Field.

We started a Health and Wellbeing topic about our bodies and our feelings.

Home Learning

Learn your lines


Homework grid

Reading homework