P4H’s Learning 30.10.20

It has been another busy week of learning in P4H and we have been developing a huge number of skills.

Our Blog is a combination of our reflections .


Reading We have reshuffled our reading groups and renamed the. We will be developing literacy skills with a combination of reading independently, out loud and reading activities as a groups.

Spelling This weeks sound is ir

first, third, birthday, thirteen , thirst, girl, thirsty, squirrel, squirt, firm

We also practiced Hallowe’en words

ghost, broomstick,spider cauldron, toffee apple, witch, scary, terrify, pumpkin

Storm .It is such an exciting book which we finished this week. It is good to follow the text as a class. We had lots of discussions with our learning partners about what we thought about the ending and what might happen next. We thought it should have a different ending. We looked for clues in the text.

We were reporters and wrote about our holiday week . We used adjectives and thought about our feelings.

We wrote an Autumn poem. We looked at poems and learned they have shorter lines, have a rhythm and often rhyme . We made a list of adjectives and Autumn words to help us. It was a bit like writing a song.

Home learning . Practise writing out the spelling words in different colours.

Look at other poems and see whether they have rhyming words.


We looked at symmetry all around us. We used mirrors to help us to see if the shape was symmetrical .We tried to draw the other half of pictures to make them symmetrical.

We contined to practise the 3 times table.

Home learning .Try to find examples of symmetry in your home and play this game https://www.topmarks.co.uk/symmetry/symmetry-sorting

Practice 3 times table.. Ask someone to give you the answer and work out the sum eg 15 is 3 x ?

Art We made a pumpkin using orange and black paper. It was symmetrical. The skills we used were cutting,gluing , drawing , creativity, concentration, focus and patience ( Ms Hastie and Mrs Tulloch were very impressed with them)

PE We divided into groups and practiced a mixture of skills using the equipment.at different stations. They were bat and ball, ball skills, skipping , throwing, target practice and running .It started to rain so we had to abandon and run in very quickly!

Outdoor learning We looked for symmetrical shapes all around the playground , but then it started to rain.

HWB We looked at “The Boy, the Mole the Fox and the Hound” by Charlie Makesy . We discussed how we could make a difference and drew pictures in pen showing that.. We are going to display them next week .

Mrs Tulloch’s Lunch time chats were about how Halloween started and traditions and Mary Queen of Scots playing tennis.

Pumpkin Trail We went on a pumpkin trail to see all the fantastic pumpkins. Here are some from our class

Have a Happy Hallowe’en!

by P4H (and Ms Hastie )