P4H’s Learning 7.5.21

This week has been short but busy as ever!

Today’s Blog was compiled together!


Next week’s rule

Over the years, the sound of words have changed and some letters are still in the spelling of words which are no longer sounded.

Silent ‘w’ followed but ‘r’ makes ‘wr’

Core wrong, wren , wring, wrist , wrap

Challenge. Wreath, wench, wreckage, shipwreck

Tricky words Right , write

Learning stories.

We looked at the targets for this term and worked out our star steps.


We practised our tables

We plotted points on grids and also revised angles . We had fun with a treasure map. Some of us found countries on a world map grid.


We looked at ship building and how and where the Titanic was built. We researched texts to find out information and how long it took to build and what it was like being a ship builder in 1911

Our new class novel is the Titanic Detective Agency by Lindsey Littleson

PE We made up our own games in groups and then it started to hail!

Loose Parts.

Here are the photos from last week’s session. We worked together sharing ideas and reflecting and modifying as we went along.

Enjoy the weekend!

by P4H