P2/3 Golden Treasures Spelling 10th May

This week’s spelling patterns are below if you’d like to work on these at home. We do a dictation activity using these words/patterns each Friday. Please feel free to add words of your own; it isn’t just about learning a “list” of words but understanding how words are built up and spelt.

Team Jewel: revising ir and moving on to ou and oy.

For example: fir, firm, girl; out, shout, pound; boy, toy

Team Gold: adding ing endings (where you don’t need to change the root word)

For example: waiting, sailing, playing, staying, feeling, sticking, shocking

Tricky words: small, follow, picture

Team Treasure: words with the ea spelling that makes an ‘e’ sound and a variety of words that use the ea spelling (challenge list)

Core list: head, read, bread, deaf, thread, weather, feather, heather, leather, earth

Challenge list: overhead, breakfast, heave, dreaming, threading, leave, meat, screamed, reached, weak

Tricky words: very, every