P3C Blog – 11/9/2020

Loose Parts

On Monday we were outside exploring with the loose parts in the woodland part of our playground. It was lots of fun! Quotes from the class:

  • “we were building dens – we had to figure out how to keep them solid”
  • “we had fun sliding down the hill on the tyres”
  • “we made pancakes out of sand”
  • “we played with rakes and spades in the sand”


We are enjoying our new class novel “Ice Cat” and have been making predictions about what will happen next in the story and how the Ice Cat can move! There have been some very interesting ideas from “Being caused by the moon like with werewolves” to “It’s some sort of magic” and “It could be aliens”! We’re looking forward to finding out!

We have also continued with our group reading books, practising reading with fluency, prediction and answering questions. Please ensure that your child has their reading folder with them every day.

We created characters and wrote about them. We thought about: Who they are, what they are and what makes them special.

For spelling we have been looking at another set of consonant blends, completing a range of activities to win treasure and completed dictation today.

Things to do at home:

  • Make predictions about what you think is going to happen in different books (or TV programmes) at home
  • Ask questions about different books at home
  • Talk about your character and what they could do in a story
  • Choose a way to practise your spelling words

Maths & Numeracy

We have continued to learn about place value, thinking about the value of a digit, putting numbers in order from smallest to largest and more practise working out: 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, 100 less.

We have been practising doing tally charts and will be working more on converting them into pictograms next week.

Things to do at home:

  • Practise skip counting for the numbers you have set as your target as you are walking or going up or down stairs
  • The maths antics video on Youtube: is helpful for explaining place value
  • Can you think of a survey you could do at home to practise tally charts?

Other Learning

  • PE – Fitness
  • Music – Bog Baby Song (with guitar) / Singing in the Rain
  • Circle Time – Talking about feelings
  • Outdoor Learning